Sunday, August 30, 2015


Pastor Allan was ministering the Sunday morning message and I took notes and edited it here for you. 
The Azusa Street revival in the early 1900’s was a historical outpouring of the Holy Spirit and major Pentecostal groups were formed.  Today there are prophesies going forth preparing the land for Revival and a new Jesus movement. 

Thousands of young people are praying for revival over the Bay Area and a large group recently met in Sacramento to pray on the steps of the capital building for the State and Nation.

Pastor was talking with a minister friend, and he asked “Do you ever get the cart before the horse?”  His friend answered, “I try to avoid that because I don’t want to breed Ishmaels.”

Abraham had heard the voice of God promising him a son.  But time passed, and in Genesis chapter 16, Abraham heeded the voice of his wife.  He already had heard from God, but her suggestion seemed like a better idea.  “Take my maid and have a child by her and this will fulfill God’s promise.”  It is easy to second guess God, and we need to realize that today we are reaping Abraham's bad choice.

When God speaks it pays to listen to His voice.  Ishmael was basically an illegitimate child.

We have been guilty of breeding Ishmaels.  Society is a reflection of where the Church has failed to step up and obey the Voice of God.  Basically we are not united, not of one mind, and not of one accord.  We have to trust in God and his voice, and get off our prideful pedestal.  

However, God loved Ishmael and blessed him.  We need to look at people around us and see them the way God sees them.  God knows their potential and has a good plan for each person.

We need prayer warriors mobilized because we are in a spiritual battle. 

Follow your call and allow God to take you.  He wants a willing obedient heart.  God desires that we have a personal relationship with Him and walk in the Supernatural bringing forth the living water.

Jeremiah 17: 13 O Lord, the hope of Israel, All who forsake You shall be ashamed. “Those who depart from Me Shall be written in the earth, Because they have forsaken the Lord, The fountain of living waters.”

The children of Israel wandered in the wilderness for 40 years because of their wrong choices.  They listened to the voices of the ten fearful spies instead of listening to God’s voice.

Abraham finally got it – but it took a drastic test of faith.  He was prepared to offer his son of promise as a sacrifice, but God had prepared a lamb.  This test was a picture of God sending Jesus to be the Lamb of the World.

It is important for us to pray for our spouses to be strong and not cave in and become discouraged and depressed.  There are real issues in life. 
Many people today struggle with infidelity, drugs and alcohol.  You may think it is not possible to get off meth, but with God it is possible.  Allow God to work on you to be an over-comer.   He can remove the taste, the appetite and bring deliverance.  Let God rebuild your relationship with Him and with your family.

We must be united – going in the same direction following God and listening to His voice.  God will make a way.

Battles are ahead and there are cities to win and mountains to be removed.  It is time to rise up and walk, perhaps to even walk on the water. 



  1. Amen!
    My take home "Follow your call and allow God to take you."
    Thank you for your encouraging article today.

    How are you? I trust the God that you are well.
    Have an awesome week ahead.

    God Bless Aunt Hazel

  2. And we all know the problems with birthing Ishmaels so let's truly hear God and do only what He pastor warns "delayed obedience is still disobedience."

  3. Our present day situation is grabbing my heart much, and trusting the consequences of our Heavenly Father is all we can do now and forever. He took care of the right people at the right time way, way back when Abraham and others were drawn significantly to Him. Again, all we can count on, moment-by-moment. Thank you.

  4. Great lesson and inspiring words! Paying for a miracle here!


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