Sunday, October 11, 2015

Parable – The Dentist

I am in Pain !!
Are you struggling with an old temptation that has returned?  Are the “Pleasures of the World” calling your name? 
Is there an attitude that will not let you go?  Such as Fear, Anger, Revenge, Bitterness or Resentment and you find it Difficult to Forgive those who have hurt you? 
~ ~ ~

God gave me this parable that may help you.   

Let us say that you are entertaining a tooth ache.  Aspirin does not help so you go to the dentist.  He takes an ex-ray and after examination determines that you have an ABSCESSED and INFECTED tooth.  It must be removed because it is LIFE threatening.   

The dentist has to work fast, so he grabs his equipment and the nurse holds you down by your shoulders.   

Now this is going to HURT and there will be some BLEEDING, as the dentist works to pull out the diseased tooth with its long roots.   

Out it comes with a lot of puss and ugly stuff.  The dentist uses some special CLEANER to flush out all the poison, gives you a shot of ANTI-BIOTIC, AND tells you that he got it all and you can now rejoice. 
~ ~ ~ ~ 

Do you understand or must I explain?  Some will need it explained so here goes !

The infected tooth is your temptation, habit, ungodly desires, or an addiction that the Holy Spirit says MUST be removed from your heart.  It will hurt because your flesh still wants to keep this (tooth). 
When you realize keeping the (tooth) will cause your death, you allow Jesus to remove it; while the Holy Spirit holds you down to complete the work. 
Jesus uses his Precious Blood to flush out the venom that was seeking to destroy you.  The Holy Spirit gives you a jolt of His Electricity to let you know you are free. 

Oh yes, do not sign up to get an "implant" to replace your missing (tooth.)


  1. Wonderful thoughts, dear Hazel! My battle is with fear and not wanting to step out of my comfort zone...oh, my, if you think of me, please pray for me to come to the place of surrender to have the fear extracted. Faith is the opposite of fear. Mom always used to tell me that when we are worrying, we are not trusting and vice versa. Thank you for this post...I needed it. ;)

  2. What's funny is that yesterday morning, the first time in 9 months, I was at my dentist and his workers. I needed to be there, b/c my body and my mouth and my other stuff was not working well any more. When I saw this, and saw how you shared, it made me smile and laugh and rejoice. Can't read as well as I used to, but serving and worshiping the Lord consistently is truly "it"... so I trust Him for the consequences, even though I don't feel very well after a day of the dentist working. I'm smiling at you, though. Blessings...

  3. I enjoy your short stories. I was eager to read the dentist story. Look how beautiful you made it turn out. You likened sin to an infected and abscessed tooth! Well when the dentist takes it out you are relived from the aches. Well written.
    When sin is out we are free!
    Lovely thoughts
    God Bless Aunt Hazel

  4. Excellent description and analogy; I got it!


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