Thursday, October 22, 2015


Do Not Harbor Unrealistic Expectation regarding your mate or others !
You cannot harass anyone to produce fruit !
Our Prayer Walk at the Dam on Wednesday - - weather wise - - was so windy we sat at one of the tables and first prayed for Pastor’s step dad undergoing surgery in Sacramento.  Pastor was not with us as he had traveled to Sacramento to be with his family. 

Three of us ladies were there, as we shared the focus and then prayed God’s will over Oroville.  What is God’s will?  “God is NOT willing that anyone would PERISH." 

Soon we were joined by a fourth lady.  As we continued each one saying a prayer, then we began to share what the Lord was telling us.  It is amazing to share testimonies.   

I stated; You have heard it said, “It is better felt than telt.”  And “It is better caught then taught.”  The reason I said this, is that - - of course we are in God’s presence especially on Sunday and then during the week - - but since the first of this year, I have been doing some different kind of book reading;  Books that deal with up to date God encounters in the lives of every day real people.  Books that share the Supernatural, including dreams, visions, and experiences with the Holy Spirit in the heavenly plain. 
While reading these new to me books, I am CATCHING a new excitement that is being formed in my spirit. 

I am reminded when the babe leaped in Elizabeth’s womb when she heard the voice of Mary the mother of Jesus.  As I am reading these books - - at times, my spirit actually leaps for joy. 

We were holding hands at the dam, as we thought we were saying our final prayer before leaving – when all at once another lady pressed in and joined hands with us.  I glanced at her not sure if I recognized her because it has been so long.   

After prayer, we felt it necessary to stay a bit longer.  She poured out her heart only briefly telling us she loved Jesus and may not be where others including her husband think she should be in Christ.  It was evident she was hurt and burdened.   

I told her we loved her, and a lot of what we think people are saying about us, is the devil trying to discourage us. 
(I do pray no one is gossiping here, because much of gossip is only OPINION with a smidgen of truth that needs to stay in your mouth.)  Remember there is always two sides to every story.  (Possibly both stories are unrealistic.)

As we allowed her to speak, the Lord gave me a word that I shared only in part.  Each Christian is on a different page in their walk with Jesus.  We cannot expect others to get on our page, because it is a PERSONAL walk with God.  We grow as we continue in the Word even if it is only a chapter each day (or two – or one.)  We must give others the freedom and the right to grow in Christ at their own speed.   

Soon she left, hopefully not offended, but hopefully with something to consider.  We prayed that the Holy Spirit would minister to her and to us as we also prepared to leave. 

On the way home, the Holy Spirit said to me.   

“Those who are married, often have UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS, about their spouse.  A time of prayer and Bible reading together is good, but in some cases the other person must be released and be FREE to have their own personal quiet time with God, and allowed to grow on their own terms. 

So how can a married couple have a “happy marriage?”  First tell the other person daily “I love you.”  Second, treat each other with courtesy as if they were an honored guest.   

Watch your words, and be careful how you try to control the other person.  Do little kind things for the other person, that they will enjoy - - such fixing dinner, or bringing one flower.  If the other person is ranting - - (this is hard) BE QUIET and listen.  Later you can sweetly give your opinion after the dust settles. 

Lastly – read this again: 

“Those who are married, often have UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS, about their spouse.  A time of prayer and Bible reading together is good, but in some cases the other person must be released and be FREE to have their own personal quiet time with God and allowed to grow on their own terms.

There is Expectations - - and there is Reality !!


  1. Thank you Hazel for this. Missie

  2. My beloved Hazel. How often I have felt the intensity of this word. What must it be like to live with me. I speak freedom and release to others to just be themselves and see that it is Jesus and only Jesus who can satisfy the longing of intimacy. Linda

  3. Thank you Hazel, I needed this. Stephanie

  4. Flesh is flesh and can only be subdued by The Holy Spirit. But that is up to us to Allow Him to show us how to humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord, so that He can lift us up. It is definitely difficult when Christians are not on the same plane of development and revelation. Some choose not to take personal responsibility when they should. That is where the other one needs the Grace of God to kick meet their needs and to help them cope.

  5. Trusting the Lord... here, there, everywhere... in our world and in Heaven. I've said so often that He healed my heart when I was younger and protected me when I would be beaten around our nation or world or murdered [especially the expectation in Soroti from others]. I trust the Lord and want to be in Heaven when the timing is working out well. Be there forever!! And no body or brain issues ever again. That feels good to me. Bless you and thank you!

  6. This my husband taught me earlier in our marriage "There are always two sides to a story". So we must wait and listen patiently before we draw any conclusions or form an opinion. You never can tell, they may just be lies..
    Thank you for purchasing my book.
    I really hope you enjoy it!
    I told my hubby you bought one!
    Thank you and God Bless Aunt Hazel


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