Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I’ll Never Tell

I’ll Never Tell 

There are some things that are best kept on a “Need to Know” basis.   

In a marriage, there are intimate details that should be kept in the bedroom, for the Bible says the Marriage bed is Holy. 

At times, Jesus told those he healed; “Do not tell others what has happened here, but keep it to yourself.”   

It makes you wonder why Jesus would not want them to broadcast their testimony, but He had his reasons.  What had happened was a sacred healing - - so personal, it was only between Jesus and the one receiving ministry? 

Some testimonies of your wicked past – probably don’t need to be open to the public.  If God leads you to share them - - by all means go ahead.  It will no doubt encourage others if the timing is right. 

Gossip should stop at your ears and not be spread.  Pray about the situation and tell God all about it.  He will never tell !!
Sometimes it is a good thing to be silent, and  “Not tell everything you know.” 



  1. Wisdom!!!
    You won't believe I had a dream, somewhat a revelation and it had everything to do with Knowing when the Mouth should be Shut.
    Blessings to you Aunt Hazel

  2. Yep. This post points to the wisdom that God has given you along the way. Awesome points and reminders!

  3. For many years the Lord has sometimes told me to go someplace, see some people, do some things and NOT let them all know about it, b/c they would refuse to understand. He's used me in a variety of ways for all these years. I worship and glorify... and I am thanking Him that when my sinfulness occurred, even when He had told me to stop seeing certain people and going certain places and I didn't change, I'm still filled with sorrowfulness of my sinfulness. He, with His wisdom and His kindness, has kept me moving forward and serving Him. Sorry to yammer so long, but this grabbed me a bit. Thank you for sharing it.


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