Sunday, November 1, 2015

Called To BE a Servant?

Called To BE a Servant
As Pastor Allan brought the morning message I took notes and present a digested sermon.

Pastor was speaking about Jesus washing the feet of his disciples.  They were almost humiliated and Peter refused at first until Jesus requested him to submit. (or else)

The washing of feet was an illustration of how Jesus prepared his disciples to go all the way with Him and to humble themselves.   

Matthew 20:28  The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.” 

How can we wash one another’s feet?  Be open to listen to the junk of the week and hurts of the past from a friend.  Often by just listening and only saying a few words - - OR no words.  Have an open ear and let them cry on your shoulder.

Jesus said when you visit the prisoners, visit the sick, care for the widows and the poor, it is the same as showing kindness to Jesus himself.

Build relationships in the church by getting to know someone.  Be prepared to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and build relationships with those you want to be like. 

Become like Jesus.  If your calling is to be an Apostle, Prophet, teacher, helper, then you need to be around those kind of people.  If that is not possible, then read books about ministers filled with Supernatural power from God.  Let some of that rub off on you. 

Discussions in the Bible Study Class is a good way to get acquainted.  Our primary goal is to ground the students in the word. 

Build relationships with your neighbors.  Smile and greet them when you pass by.  

Be prepared to wash their feet (not literally – but in service to Jesus)

Be prepared to get dirty at times.  (Service Work is often hard.)

Encourage and build up others for a good word is like sweet honey.

Build relationships with your city, the hospital, the shut ins, the care homes.

Build relationships with your local rescue mission or Hope Center.

Many seekers are precious jewels that just need shining up.

Be faithful to your church with your presence and finances.

Love God with all your heart and love others the same way.

Don’t sell your birthright short - - Yes we are coming to church to feel good, but it is important to walk right during the week. 

In the dark hours of crisis, let God hold you in His arms, and then you may need to hold someone else.

Activate in your lives what we are learning in our studies.  We must experience reality of Salvation, Healing and Deliverance.

When Stephen was being killed by the religions leaders of his day, he died preaching.

Persecution and Christians being killed is no longer in other lands, but it is happening here in our United States. 

Lord grant us boldness to speak your word, as we serve you and serve others.



  1. Such an encouraging message, Hazel. Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. Truthfulism strikes again. Thank you for putting this out and around. Grabbed my attention and it's truthful.

  3. I'm encouraged and reminded that love from God lives in action in our lives. Thanks, Hazel.


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