Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Rest of the Story


Pastor Allan of Open Door Church began his sermon with a reminder of his Dad’s favorite show, Paul Harvey’s Rest of the Story. I took notes and present a digested message.

There was always a story, but when Paul Harvey finished you knew details that you did not know when you first glanced at the Head Line.  There is always a story behind the heading.

As you read your Bible, there often is a Head Line about the story. 

A Man Healed at the Pool of Bethesda.

The crippled man at the pool had waited 38 years for someone to help him into the healing water but there was no provision for him to enter.  Jesus asked him, “Do you want to be well?”  His question went un-answered; instead there were excuses that others always got their first.  Jesus had mercy on him and told him to take up his bed and walk.  The Religious leaders were not happy with the man carrying his bed on the Sabbath.

Pay attention to the surface.  Obviously there was a need, and there were distractions.

Jesus saw what the need was, and He was able to heal, but He asked the man, “What do you want?”

A Lame Man Healed

Peter and John went to the Temple to pray and a crippled man begging, expected alms from them.  Peter proclaimed, “Silver and God have I none, but in the Name of Jesus, rise up and walk.” The man went leaping and praising God, completely healed.

We see the headlines in the paper, the internet and the media and they are there to get your attention.  The story is often twisted and we must be careful not to always take the headline at face value.  It is wise to check it out.  We often use the internet and TV to gauge what is going on in this world.  There is a lot of garbage out there, and please don’t eat it.

It is time for the Church to stand up for Right and no more of this foolishness.  There is a way to share the love of Christ while also being brave and courageous to stand by the Word of God.  Sometimes the obvious is not the “real” problem.  Pay attention and dig deeper.  The lame man sat at the temple gate to get his “pay check,” but something greater was about to change the situation.  The few coins were a temporary fix, and he needed a permanent solution.

It is dangerous to be “Status Quo.”  It is time to press forward.

The Woman at the Well

The woman at the well had a story behind the headlines and Jesus knew all about it.

Today at church we have visiting us some parolees – now living for Jesus and each has a story.  We must realize we are in a Spiritual War.

Hannah was barren, and she wept as she violently prayed for a child.  The priest surmised that she must be drunk, but he was wrong.  There was more to the story.

What is your personal Head Line?  Your story is not completely written and God has a plan for you even now.

The Word of God is not shallow, and we need to dig deeper and press in by the Holy Spirit.  Allow the Holy Spirit to “down load” into you.  As you pray, allow Him to give you revelation knowledge and manifest Himself to you.  Come to the table and feast.  We do not need a watered down version, but a rich bounty and be willing to receive what God offers.

Society is concerned with the Head Lines.  This is the reason the Church is under attack because we have compromised and watered down the Gospel. 

Show me Lord what you see in me, and let me look beyond the surface.  Write my story – the real story.


  1. Great post, Hazel! Spoke to my heart. Thank you!

  2. Yes, these are interesting and heart-grabbing pieces of the Word. I always read that section of the Word so I can understand what's going on. Thank you!!

  3. How true. The church has compromised it's position to fit into the world and has allowed the world to outwit the church because the work, in part, has been done in the flesh.

    I miss those old Paul Harvey commentaries. That was when our society was more interested in wisdom that vanity.

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