Sunday, February 28, 2016

Live a Holy Life


Pastor Allan was reminding us that at times our situation seems hopeless, but God’s vision is one of Restoration.  God doesn’t want you to turn around and go back to your old ways.   I took notes and present his edited sermon here.

Discouragement is an enemy and we can sink into a pity party so easily when disappointment presses us down.  We set high goals and our expectation is up there, and when we fail we get depressed. 

Perhaps you said the “Sinners Prayer,” and life begins to get real and you are faced with daily choices.  It is time to trust God to carry you through each day; Moment by moment.

There are a lot of shaky Saints out there, perhaps you were like me and listened to others tell you negative words such as you are no good, you won’t amount to anything, and you believed those words.  Those were lies from the enemy and God’s words are full of life, victory, and success.  You have a new identity IN Christ.

The past weeks we have been talking about being a follower of Jesus.  Just because you are in the crowd, doesn’t mean you are a follower.  Jesus set the example how we are to live a holy life.

Systematically address all the issues of your day, taking time to fellowship with Jesus and build a relationship with Him. 

Jesus did not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it.  His teachings were from the Old Testament and the Law.  He did not void the law because He loved the law.  His sacrificial death was the fulfillment and no more was a sacrifice needed.  Easter is around the corner and it is the time we celebrate the death, burial and Resurrection of Jesus.

God gave us the Holy Spirit so we could walk like Jesus.  The Holy Spirit will reveal to you if there is something in your life that is blocking sweet communion with Jesus.  When He does show you a hindrance, it is up to you to remove it from your life style.

Acts 15:1 tells of certain men who desired to put a yoke around the new believer’s necks and demand they follow Jewish tradition, combining law with grace.  After discussion the disciples said, in verse 20  “That they abstain from defilements of idols, and from fornication and from things strangles, and from blood.”

This applies to us today.  Keep it simple to live holy. Stay away from those things that bring you down including your old friends.  Avoid evil; be careful of your viewing habits on the inter-net, the TV or movies. 
If you are having an affair, quit it.  God’s word is clear and some stuff is a no brainer.

This is not being legalistic; it is just using common sense.  The question is not if something is right or wrong - - but is it wrong for you?

It is easy to justify what you enjoy doing, but don’t be foolish and harden your heart when you realize God desires you to stop doing certain things.

Some try to see how close they can walk with Jesus and still have one foot in the world?  Jesus desires a full commitment.

I love “Recovery Programs,” and I have taught them, but recovery can become legalistic.

Keep life simple – Do your best with God’s help to live a Holy life and listen to the Holy Spirit.

Pastor confided; “God told me to give us smoking and it wasn’t easy, but He helped me through the process to get free.”

Paul encourages us to grow up and mature and put away childish things.  If you do fall short, learn from it and begin again.

I don’t want to preach love and fail to love others.  I walk through our city and my heart is broken as I view so many who need Jesus. 
I am thankful for our church that includes all generations; all ages and all walks of life.



  1. Thank you for sharing. As I often, truthfulism strikes again. All we can count on forever and ever!

  2. What really stood out to me was the word "justify". It's so easy to fall into that trap and there are plenty of Christians that do it. Ugly trait to be sure. Thanks for the encouragement and reminder.


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