Sunday, March 13, 2016

Be Lowered to Worship at Jesus Feet


Today’s message at Open Door Church was by our Associate Pastor Rodney Waldrop.  He opened by reminding us that Jesus prayed for us to experience the same fellowship with each other that He had with the Father. 

John said in I John 1:3  That which we have seen and heard, we proclaim also to you, so that you too may have fellowship with us; and indeed our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son Jesus Christ. 

We are one body and are to encourage one another to hold fast.  It is all about Keeping on and not quitting when the going gets tough.  Keep close to Jesus. 

God loves His children much like a parent loves their children . . . not desiring evil for them but only good.  God is our source of Life and God is bigger than our problems.

Mark 2:1-4  Jesus had returned to Capernaum, and many people had crowded to get into the house where he was staying.  Inside there was no room to move. Four friends tried to carry their paralyzed friend in through the door, but it was blocked with many people.

Most would have given up and hoped for another time, but these friends persisted and decided to find another way to reach Jesus.

If in life something is not working, perhaps it is time to seek God for a new direction.

Religion – Good works – Tradition have been tried by many. 

How is that working out for you?  Are you getting through to the throne room?

What to do?  Ask God for help and he will direct your path.  
Maybe you need to climb up on the roof top.  Not literally, but find a church where the Holy Spirit is moving and the fire is burning - - and come and be lowered at the feet of Jesus. 

That is a good position to be in.  Humbly worshiping at His feet – like the four friends did for the paralyzed man.  They opened up the roof and lowered their friend to worship at Jesus’ feet.

Jesus knew what was going on.  He saw the poor man’s real problem, so He said, “Son your sins are forgiven.”

Sitting there in the house were some scribes who immediately found fault with Jesus' words.  Jesus knew their thoughts.

Do you not realize that Jesus knows your secret thoughts when you doubt and argue about His will for your life?

The next words Jesus spoke were powerful as he proclaimed, “Rise up and be healed.”

Remember the man was paralyzed.  His thoughts were “I am a sinner, but I need help.”

Jesus took care of his Salvation first and then healed his body.

With God, relationship is important.  Nothing else really matters.  It is our responsibility to come to Jesus. 

Today is the day for your miracle.  Let us come to the feet of Jesus and receive.

Each of us have different situations, but Jesus understand and knows it all.  He is ready to deliver you regardless of your need.

In simple faith - - come.

We have a Hope and Glory reserved for us and it all begins at the feet of Jesus.



  1. He came to experience life with us and share our humanity. He went down to our level put of love, giving up His throne. And He's inviting us to come to Him. Amazing God He sure is.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. Entered my mind and my heart. Bless you...

  3. Love that story. The thought finally occurred to me about the other four men. How great was their faith? How hard is it to get a paralyzed person into the seat of a car? How much more difficult would it be to get one on to a roof then back down again?! Amazing faith...

    Thanks for making me think... as usual!


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