Thursday, July 7, 2016

Precious Gems for His Crown

The High Priest Wore a Breast Plate with 12 Stones Representing the 12 Tribes.
Our Bible Study teacher, Linda was taking us into a study of the Old Testament Tabernacle and how it is a picture of Jesus Christ.  I took notes and present here a digested lesson.

The twelve tribes of Israel were to encamp around the tent Tabernacle, three tribes on each of the four sides of the tent. 
As we looked at each tribe, it was interesting to notice their name and the meaning.  In their culture there was powerful meaning to names. 
Each tribe was also represented by a precious gem and the stones are mentioned in Revelation about the New Jerusalem and the foundations.

1.     Levi – Attached  Avenger (Priests were chosen from this tribe.)  Stone was Garnet

2.     Zebulon – Loyal and a Risk taker – dwelling and ships.  Stone was Diamond

3.     Gad – A troop comes.  Warrior - Stone was Amethyst.

4.     Benjamin – Son of the Right Hand – Stone was Jasper.  I Corinthians 12:13 We see Jesus the real Son of the Right Hand. -

5.     Simeon – Hearing – (He was imprisoned by Joseph) His Stone was Chrysolite.

6.     Issachar – Sturdy, known for wisdom and understanding.  Stone was Sapphire

7.     Naphtali – Wrestling – It is a word used in Eph 6 for the Armor of God. A deer let loose.  – His Stone was Agate

8.     Joseph – A fruitful son.  Joseph had two sons:  Manasseh – Forget my toil (Gideon’s tribe) Second Son of Joseph was Ephraim – Fruitful  - (Joseph’s Stone was Onyx)

9.     Reuben – First born – Might and Strength but unstable  - Stone was Sard.

10.   Judah – Praise – Led the March (The Line to Jesus) - Stone was Emerald

11.   Dan – God is Judge – Sly as a Serpent.  (Sampson from this tribe)  Stone was Topaz

12. Asher- Blessed and Happy - Stone was Beryl.

When the Children of Israel left Egypt, God instructed them to “borrow” gold and precious gems from the Egyptians.  This they did in abundance.

God is a God of detail, and his instructions were intricate and absolute in measurements and décor for the Tabernacle and the Priests garments.  The High Priest wore a breastplate with 12 stones each representing the twelve tribes.  They were a perpetual remembrance unto the Lord.

The precious stones in Exodus 28:17-21 represent the twelve tribes, and Revelations 21:15-21 mentions the twelve tribes and God’s prophetic plan through history for Israel. 
These stones are connected to the New Jerusalem and the wall foundations.

As our teacher spoke about these precious gems, I was reminded of an old hymn and mentioned it.  “When He cometh to make up his Jewels, precious Jewels his loved and His own.” 
No one seemed to know of this old hymn, but I found it for you to enjoy on Youtube.

It was interesting as we adjourned to the worship service, that todays speaker mentioned in passing the Precious Jewels for His Crown.  He knew nothing about our lesson today.  God is amazing - - -



  1. The Holy Spirit delivers His message through us in mysterious and miraculous ways.

  2. I've been focusing on Revelation strongly for about 15 or 20 years. Had read it since I was a kid, but this stretch of time has been the main Bible portion. Grabs my heart!! Focusing on the Lord is all I can do! Thank you....


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