Friday, July 22, 2016

Breaking Satan’s plans for Children

Oh NO, I Did Not Want This to Happen !!

Surprise Pregnancy is an unplanned happening and usually the unborn child experiences “Rejection in the womb.”

That spirit of Rejection follows the child after he or she is born. The spirit of the unborn child knows they were initially not wanted, and will strive for love, to be noticed, and will seek approval and acceptance from others.  (True Acceptance is found in Christ) 

The spiritual nature of both bio-logical parents of the unborn child will affect the emotional and spiritual temperature of the child.  The history in the background of both bio-logical parents will create generational curses while the child is still in the womb that will follow the child and seek to destroy the child. 

What were the circumstances at the conception of the child?  Were the bio-logical parents fornicators? Were they addicts of any kind?  Or involved in witchcraft, the occult or Spiritism? 

If the pregnancy happened because of promiscuity, lust, incest or rape the unborn child experiences a “Spirit of LUST” that will follow him or her until it is broken by intercession and spiritual war fare. 

The spirit of LUST in a girl child will cause her to gravitate to men, touching and hanging on men, wanting to be hugged or held by men, and possibly wrapping her legs around men. 

A simple binding and loosening is a good first step to break these spirits.  Come before God with clean hands, a pure heart having been washed in the Blood of Jesus. 

1.  Take your authority and bind the Spirit of Rejection.
      Next Loose a Spirit of Acceptance.   

2.     Take your authority and bind the Spirit of lust.
      Next loose a Spirit of Holiness and Purity.   

If the child is present, be careful of your words in their hearing.  (Your battle is NOT with the child but with invisible spirit forces that are following the child) - -

Afterward in the child’s presence, pray a prayer of thanksgiving to Jesus that this child is covered with the blood of Jesus that makes the child Holy and Pure.  Continue to verbally thank God while the child is with you, speaking words that this child is not rejected but is accepted and loved by Jesus, by their mother and dad and other family members. 

During the morning prayer time at church; I had been binding and loosening.

Binding REJECTION and LUST over the citizens of Oroville and Loosening Holiness and Purity.  

Then I noticed a young girl, about 6 years old seated on the altar near me.

I don’t believe she was aware that I began to bind and loose over her as well.  I was cautious. 

When she came to me, it was then that I prayed a prayer of thanksgiving over her and told her that she was NOT rejected but she WAS accepted and that Jesus loves her very much and has great plans for her.

There was a noticeable change in the girl recognized by others.  Keep your children surrounded with your prayers covering them with Holiness and Purity.


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  1. It's a miracle that I was born 71 years ago. When I'm in Heaven I sure hope to see my other sisters and brothers who were broken off by my mom and dad before my time and until I was about 13. Anyhow, I've known much re: many. I am grateful re: the Lord and I've known much, seen much for many years in our world.


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