Saturday, April 27, 2013

God of Creative Miracles

Irish Setter
“Danny has a busted ear drum and we need to do some major surgery by going through the inside of his jaw and insert drainage tubes while we repair his ear drum.  Here is some medicine for the infection, take him home and return in 10 days for a follow up visit.”

 These were the words that my daughter, Becky’s Vet gave her as she could envision the dollar signs floating off into space.  But Danny was family, and what must be done, was to take care of him. 

Faithfully my daughter gave her beloved Red Irish Setter his medicine, and he seemed better so now it was time for a return visit to the Vet.
“Now let’s see the right ear. No it must be the left ear. No which ear is it? Said the Vet?

The Vet was in shock, as he announced that Danny had grown a new ear drum, and the dog was fine.  He stammered, “I am astonished and amazed, because I have NEVER seen anything like this before!”
I am reminded in the Bible that some were healed and others were made whole.  To be made whole was a creative miracle that restored like new that which was once crippled or non existent.

My mind continued to reflect, if God would heal a DOG, how much more does he love us as his children and desire to do for us what we are lacking, perhaps even lacking in faith.

I continued to consider, “If God can give a dog a new ear drum, He certainly can give me and you what we need.  Miracles are not out of our reach,  He is still the God of all creation. 

I am also reminded when Jesus called Lazarus from the tomb, he said LAZARUS come forth.  If he had only said “Come forth,” no doubt all the dead would have walked out of the grave and breathed again.  It was important to use the specific name of Lazarus.

The scripture says: “If two or three agree together as touching anything on earth, it shall be done for them.”

Remember if God can give a dog a brand new ear drum, it would not be a problem for God to give you what you need.  If it is for someone else, it would be important to say their name, because  you wouldn’t want the wrong person to receive a miracle!  :-)  

What I ask of you is to SAY these words, aloud. 

“In Jesus name, I claim a new ______ for ______"

Notice that I do not ask you to pray again, but now to speak words of faith.  Any future prayers should now be a prayer of thanksgiving;

“Thank you Jesus that you are working to perform a miracle for ______"

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  1. Amen! Yes, Lord..we claim.a new liver for Becky! You are the God of miracles...and your promises are yes and Amen. "I will give you back your health and heal your wounds says The Lord".

  2. Speaking words of acclamation, and praying for Becky. I believe. God bless and touch your entire family, Hazel.

  3. Father I ask your blessing on Becky. I ask that you heal her liver. May you pour out your love and healing on this difficult situation. In your precious Name.

  4. Keep this going please, great job!

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  5. Hazel, I'm so sorry for the pain your family is going through because of this. Isn't it frustrating when chronic illness puts us between a rock and a hard place like this? God has a plan for your daughter. May He strengthen you all to hope, trust, and praise Him while you wait to see it work out.

    We love dogs too. A dog healing miracle story is a great way to start the week!!!

  6. My son has had trouble with his eardrums and even now we wait for healing. I know God has a plan in this and I pray for our faith to be increased through it. Thanks for sharing this story, Hazel.

  7. "WOW" Thank you as I agree with this and my neighboor Kathy is struggling with her health and I just sat and did what you asked us to do and I know she will be better soon. Thanks for reminding me of this. Have a wonderful day and if you have time stop by my site and say Hello.

  8. What a beautiful story!! I grew up seeing these kinds of miracles so often - and yet there are times when I lack the faith for my family and our situations. Thank you for this beautiful reminder to lay all of our needs before the Father and then believe in faith that He will hear and answer!


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