Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd
Daily we hear of tragedies, death and destruction. This week has been no exception. Evil men plot works of terror against good people.  - -

And - - Death and Taxes comes to us all.  Our church lost two elderly members in death this week and we believe they are with Jesus.

I took notes and digested his sermon as Pastor Jerry spoke of Jeremiah’s continual warning to return to the true God and avoid bad things happening

That is not to say that good people are exempt from misfortune and heartbreak. 

When we are rebellious and go our own way, we can get into trouble.  It is best to follow our good shepherd and listen to his voice.

Pastor began reading in John 10:22-30   It was the Feast of Dedication and as Jesus was in the temple, the people began to challenge Him to tell them plainly who he was. 

The truth was that Jesus was continually telling all who would listen that He was sent from his Father God and was the Christ, but they did not understand. 
They chose to live in the darkness and were blind to His teachings.

Jesus spoke of sheep that would follow the voice of the shepherd. The people understood sheep for many of them owned a flock of sheep and knew their ways.

Sheep listen for familiar sounds and they know their own shepherd when he calls.  They are smarter than some think they are and they also recognize faces, and know one another and who belongs in their flock.  A stranger they will not follow.

I am reminded of a friend who purchased four grown sheep.  They would not pay attention to the voice of their new owner, but somehow managed to escape and run off hoping to return to their former home.  Their new owners went after them and with great difficulty, and the help of their dog, were able to get them back to safety.  Change was not acceptable to these sheep. 

We are like sheep and at times have gone astray and turned everyone to our own way.  (But the Lord has laid our iniquity upon him.)

The good shepherd leads us into green pastures, but he also leads us through the dark valley of death and trouble.  His words are sometimes convicting and not always words of comfort.

The people of God are placed in a large pasture, (the world,) where there are many voices calling us such as:  Materialism, commercialism, entertainment and others. 
Come follow me they cry out.

Jesus calls his sheep to turn their backs on these other voices and seek Him only.  He will then guide and lead us to the green pastures, and safely through the valley of death.

Now is the time to trust.

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  1. So incredibly thankful for the Good Shepherd ... and yes His voice is the only voice I desire to heed, to hear! I also once was as sheep gone astray....due to His Amazing Love He has rescued me from many dangers and snares b/c I gave hear to another voice. Thank you for the sweet gentle but powerful truth this morning!

  2. "Now is the time to trust." Amen, Hazel. Indeed it is. We hear our Master's voice and need to heed His call... Only His direction brings peace...

  3. We had a 40 yr. old missionary to the American Indians with five young children die this week. Through the shadow of death. What would we do without the Good Shepherd to guide us through these times?

  4. Oh this was so touching to read. I am glad I am a follower of the Good Shepherd. My parents tombstone has words from the 23rd Psalm engraved on it. With the conditions of this wicked ole world we need to trust Him completely and listen to what He tells us. I chuckle when I hear people say they want world peace. Peace will come only after Christ returns. Then we will live with Him forever in eternal glory! What a joy that will be! Thanks for sharing today.


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