Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We Will Wait

Waiting Patiently

We will wait, were the words spoken by my husband, who is usually not a person who enjoys waiting.

That morning, he told me, “We will go early and wait there at the hospital rather than wait here at home.” 
Our drive was two hours away to reach our destination, and often traffic is not so good.  We were an hour early for my appointment, but Robert likes to be there in plenty of time.

Parking was a problem, so Robert let me out to find my way to the Ultra sound Department and to check in.   (No I am not having a baby.)  My liver needed checking, but that is another story.

At the desk, the attendant, looked puzzled as she remarked, “I would very much like to help you, but your appointment is not until next week.” 
It was my turn to be perplexed, because I thought my Doctor told me, “I made an appointment for you on Tuesday,” and then he handed me a printed copy. 

I hadn’t bothered to read all the fine print, only the time, and did not catch the day, a week away.

The attendant spoke up, “You drove all the way here from Oroville?”  I answered “Yes we did.”  She said, “Wait here and I will see what I can do to help you.”

By then Robert had parked our van and arrived to be with me.  I motioned to him to come close, and I apologized that it was my fault that I had not read the date which was next week for my appointment. 

Soon the attendant returned to the counter.  She asked the usually questions, have you eaten anything today? Are you a diabetic?  And then she remarked, I can get you into the outpatient Ultra Sound over at the hospital, but you probably will need to wait up to four hours.”

It was either do this wait; or drive two hours home, and return on another day!  The options were not good.

Robert made a decision and said, “We will wait.” 
The attendant then gave us directions to the out patient department, so off we went.

We read magazines, and our wait turned out to only be two hours, which wasn’t too bad

My test went well, and I was told, “The x-ray technician will read the examination, and send a report to your doctor.  You should hear from him in a few days.”

I thanked her and we left.  By now it was dinner time, so Robert decided to take me to the buffet in town and we enjoyed a lovely meal.  Naturally we ate too much, but that is what you do at those places. 
I told Robert - - “Tomorrow, we fast.”  (Smile)

I am reminded that we are patiently waiting for the return of our Lord Jesus.  Are You?

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  1. Haha...sweet story Hazel, love it when you share!
    Vicki K transposed from FaceBook

  2. I've done that more than once! My wife once took our youngest to her first day of school a week early! Waiting is the practice of patience... something I'm not got my hands around just yet...

  3. We wait...what a good husband. Sounds like my husband, but not like me. I want to improve in this area. Beautiful story, Hazel.

  4. This is a lovely story, and I have certainly had those kinds of things happen to me. Thank you for sharing your story over at our linky party!


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