Friday, April 5, 2013

NO FREE LUNCH (repost)

No Free Lunch
Free Stuff!  I am a big sucker for all stuff free!   I should have known better - - - but when I noticed an offer on Face Book for a “Free Subway Sandwich,” I innocently took the bait!

Eagerly, I filled out all the information until I got to the part where I needed to make a purchase.  These were just a couple of offers that seemed like they might be interesting. 

Headlong, I plunged into the abyss!  

Now I am fully away that the offer for $500 to spend at Target or some other store was a come-on!   Yes, a SCAM!  However, I had not suspected a small free sandwich.

Quickly, I tried to back out, to escape, to get out of there, to cancel, and to repair any damage done, but I was locked in!  Too Late - - - Looks like the Devil ate my lunch !!

NO free sandwich today for me!  That is not the end of the story!

The very next day my e-mail In-Box brimmed with forty e-mails, asking me to earn extra income, to take courses for job training!  They wanted me to learn to be this or that! I received offers to buy engagement rings, apply for bankruptcy, meet singles, get a high school diploma, and the list went on and on.

At first, I opened each one and requested at the bottom to remove my name.  I don’t believe that worked, as evidenced the next day in my overflowing In-Box.

This was out of control; eighty new spam messages filled my in box! 
Horrible! I couldn’t believe it!

Using “Block mail” has never worked for me, because the senders simply change to a different name.  What does work is using the method provided by my e-mail server where you can “bounce” unwanted mail.  Using this tool causes the message to go back to the sender with a notice that says, “Undelivered mail, recipient unknown.”  I can bounce groups, so I now gleefully bounce and bounce and bounce!

Each day for the past several weeks, I have been bouncing groups of forty to eighty e-mails.  Hopefully the advertisers will get the message soon!

From heartache to pure havoc, people get themselves into all sorts of predicaments.  How do we get into these types of messes?  “Without knowledge my people perish,” the Bible says! 

Well, I have some knowledge now, and when this is finally over, I hope I will never need to repeat this again!

Now YOU also have knowledge, so please learn from my mistake, and proceed with caution if you are ever offered a FREE LUNCH!

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  1. I'm probably a little too cynical, but I don't give my email to just anybody. Even when stores say "it's required," I say, "Okay, I can get this somewhere else!" They usually comply. The world is changing rapidly. I'm glad you've taught me this "bounce" trick... I hope I don't need it, but if I do!

  2. Oh, no, Hazel! I'm so glad you are sending out this warning to others. And it's a good reminder that there really is no such thing as a free lunch.

    Like Floyd said above, I'm grateful to know about the "bounce" idea. I'll check with my e-mail server to see how that process will work for me.


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