Monday, April 22, 2013

Tongue Tied

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My Dad was concerned, but for me as a child, I had not noticed a thing.  My brother was 18 months younger than me, and he was ready to be enrolled in kindergarten.

Dad had noticed that certain words spoken by my brother had a lisp, and other words were difficult for him to pronounce.  My parents decided to take him to the doctor for an examination. 

The doctor determined that my brother was tongue tied.  His advice was that he clip the tiny piece of skin under the tongue that was causing the movement of my brother’s tongue to be restricted.

Within a very short while, my brother was speaking normally as any other five year old boy.  His tongue had been loosed and set free!

I am reminded of the Bible account of Lazarus who had been dead four days. Jesus commanded those watching to remove the stone from his tomb.

The audience argued that this was not a good idea, for by now he stinks.

Jesus paid the negative words no attention, and called in a loud voice, Lazarus come forth.

Out from the clutches of death stepped Lazarus moving very slowly for he was bound and tightly tied up.  Jesus commanded the followers to loose him and let him go.  Lazarus needed help for he could not free himself.

When new believers come to Jesus, they are often bound by old ways and habits.  They need instruction, prayer, and discipleship. 

They also may need someone to use their spiritual gifts of deliverance, and to speak positive words over this one who is still bound.

How about you?  Are you moving very slowly these days?  Do you feel uptight and bound? 

Are you tongue tied and find it difficult to witness for Jesus?

Perhaps you might find someone who you have confidence in, to council and pray with you, so that you may be loosed and let go.  Jesus will set you free!

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  1. I can relate. I had a speech impediment into third grade. Tough on a kid... But now I can speak boldly! As we should, good call, Hazel.

  2. I love how you use your life story to pin point a message from God.
    Yes, we need to be free to do migthy works for God and thanks God for the freedom.

  3. We've all felt tongue tied at one time or another. Love the way you used this to point to God. Thanks.

  4. Such a good reminder to reach out when we get stuck. It takes laying down our pride and getting real with ourselves and others. Blessings to you, Hazel Moon! Love, Rachael @ Inking the Heart


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