Friday, April 19, 2013

Salad Luncheon

Ladies Luncheon
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I was happily sleeping in, when the phone rang.  It was my daughter asking when I was going to pick her and Ashley up for the Salad Luncheon today at our church.

I told her, that is tomorrow, but when she insisted that today was the day, I could hardly believe it.  However I managed a soft, “Thank you, I will pick you up at 10:45”  

This week Robert and I visited our Doctor for appointments and somehow my days of the week were all turned around. 

Now it was hurry time, to make two salads that I had promised to bring.   Quickly boiling the water for the sugar free Jell-O, while I opened a can of pineapple chunks.  I drained out one cup juice and carefully cut the chunks into smaller pieces into a serving dish. 

Robert came in to the kitchen and confirmed the day for me, and offered to help.  I asked him, “Please feed the dogs, and then help me shred these five carrots.” 

In went two cups of boiling water into the two packs of Jell-O then one cup ice water along with the cup of pineapple juice.  Now to cool it in the refrigerator while fixing the rest.

Robert suggested that I save one cup of the shredded carrots for my broccoli salad, so I did.  Into the carrots I sprinkled one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, and combined all into the Jell-O.  To make sure it would cool faster, into the freezer it went.

Next I washed two large clumps broccoli and drastically cut the stems near the broccoli blossoms.  Then I carefully pulled tiny pieces of broccoli into a large bowl along with half a sliced red onion. 
Last I added the cup of shredded carrots and some raisins that I had poured boiling water over them so they would be plumped up and soft.

My daughter is watching her diet because of liver problems, so I decided to eliminate the crisp bacon that usually goes into the broccoli salad.  In my rush to get this done, I forgot to add the cashew nuts I had planned to also use.

For the broccoli salad dressing, I poured one fourth cup olive oil in a bowl, added a small squeeze of prepared mustard, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar, a nice dash paprika, a teaspoon of Real Maple Syrup and a dash of pepper.  I was not happy with the dressing, so I added one half cup mayonnaise and mixed all together well.  It was just right so into the veggies it went. 

Now I just had time to throw on some clothes and rush to pick up my daughter and granddaughter. 
Our arrival at the church was just in time, and the ladies were already in line at the salad table.    Our salads hastily found a welcomed place at the table. 

“Go ahead and get in line and begin serving yourself,” I told my family members.
Even though I was rushed - - the day turned out to be a beautiful and satisfying day!

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  1. What a blessed life... And of course by adding the ACV... Your's was the hit! ... even if they didn't know it... we do...!

  2. I admire you. At your age, you still on the go and making other's happy by making delicious foods:)
    While, it should be the young ones who should be doing the job, but we can never too old to do something for God. And that is what you do. An inspiration!


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