Monday, July 25, 2016

Where is the Lamb?

Pastor Rodney was preaching for the Sunday Morning service as I took notes and present an edited message.

In Genesis chapter 22, Abraham was tempted by God.  This was a test of obedience.  God spoke, “Take your Only Begotten Son Isaac and sacrifice him unto me.  (Abraham was familiar with the wicked nations who worshipped other gods and sacrificed their young children to Molech or Ashtoreth.)  He thought to himself, “If my God is demanding this terrible act, then I must obey.”

As they journeyed up the mountain, Isaac asked, “I see the wood and the fire, but where is the Lamb?”

Abraham answered, “God will provide.”  The son trusted his father and knew it was for the best, even though it appeared an awful wrong would soon happen.

The Angel of the Lord appeared and called his name, “Abraham, Abraham – do not lay your hand on your only son.  Behold there is a ram caught in a thicket, sacrifice the ram.  Because you did not withhold your only son, I will bless you and also bless all your offspring through many generations.

Abraham sacrificed the ram that God provided, and returned off the mountain and life continued on as he served his God.

Jesus was tested in all points like we are tempted, yet He was without sin and did not yield to temptation.  He realized God’s purpose for his life to provide for your salvation.

John 3:16  For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Jesus became the Lamb that was sacrificed to provide our salvation.  He did all He could do, and the final action for your salvation is up to each individual to choose Jesus.  We have a free will and must decide to follow Christ.

Jesus must have wondered if there was another way, when it became time for him to be crucified.  But no there was no other way. Jesus needed to follow through with God’s eternal plan, and be willing to shed His blood for you and for me.

Once we are born again, we are set apart and declared Holy unto God for His service.

Even though at times, circumstances seem bleak, just begin to walk and talk as the Bible tells us to do.

As believers in Christ, we are a family with countless brothers and sisters. 

Abraham’s heart was tender and he did not question God’s ridiculous request.

How do we react to God’s voice?  His voice is gentle, never demanding, and He gives us a choice to follow or not.  He always leaves the decision up to you, but He promises blessings to those who obey, and not so good happenings to those who disobey.

God is NOT the one who damages lives.  He gently calls, “Come out away from the enemy who seeks to destroy you.”  God only desires to bless you.  His promises are true, and He will show up and provide a clear path for you. 

Serving God will be worth it all.




  1. I'm so glad that Jesus became our Lamb so that we wouldn't have to take the punishment ourselves. I've always had mixed feelings about the story of Abraham and Isaac, but the ending is a good one! :) Thanks for sharing, Hazel.

  2. When I see lambs I always think of the Lord. The Word and the world had much of them and I never stop smiling and rejoicing when I think of them and see them!

  3. And yet He did sacrifice His Son. The source and definition of love. Thanks for the reminder.


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