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Who Was Jael In The Bible?

Come and Rest Where it is Safe !!


This was a lesson I gave at our Wednesday Morning Prayer Over our city Meeting. 

Exactly who was Jael?
Why is it important for us to know?  She was Strong and did what she knew she had to do.  She was a heroine who snatched victory out of the jaws of defeat in helping Israel defeat a much larger, and far superior Canaanite army during “the time of the Judges.”

Israel Attacks the Canaanites

During the time of the Judges “There was a woman prophet named Deborah. She was judge of Israel at that time.  Deborah held council under the Palm Tree of Deborah, and one day, the Israelites came to her to ask what to do about their enemy Sisera the Canaanite warrior coming against God’s people.  

(Judges 4:4-5) and Deborah sent a message “to Barak, “The Lord, the God of Israel, commands you: ‘Go and gather 10,000 men from the tribes of Naphtali and Zebulun, and lead them to Mount Tabor.  God says, he will make Sisera, the commander of King Jabin’s army, along with his chariots, and his army come to you to the Kishon River.  I will help you defeat Sisera there.”  

(Judges 4:6-7). “Barak, a mighty Hebrew warrior said to Deborah, “I will go and do this if you will go with me. But if you will not go with me, I will not go.” (Judges 4:8) and Deborah the Judge agreed to go but told Barak “But because of your fearful attitude, you will not be honored when Sisera is defeated.  The Lord will allow a woman to defeat Sisera.”

(Judges 4:9). And so “Barak and his men attacked Sisera the commander of the Canaanite forces.  During the battle, the Lord confused Sisera and his army and chariots.  They did not know what to do. Barak and his men defeated Sisera’s army, leaving not one man alive except their leader Sisera who left his chariot and ran away on foot.”  

(Judges 4:15) Now Sisera got away and “ran to the tent of a woman named Jael the wife of Heber the Kenite.  Their family was at peace with King Jabin of Hazor.  That is why Sisera ran to Jael’s tent” He believed that he would be safe there.

Jael’s Heroic Acts  (Jael knew Sisera was the enemy.  We must know our Enemy. We do not war against flesh and blood, but we war against the hosts of satan.)

It so happened that “Jael saw Sisera coming, so she went out to meet him and said, “Sir, come into my tent, and rest.  Don’t be afraid.” So Sisera went into Jael’s tent, and she covered him with a blanket.”  

(Judges 4:20). Sisera was very tired, so he lay down sleeping. “Jael found a tent peg and a hammer.  She quietly went to Sisera putting the tent peg to the side of his head and hit it with a hammer.  The tent peg went through the side of his head and into the ground, and Sisera died”  

(Judges 4:21). At that very moment “Barak came by Jael’s tent, looking for Sisera.
Jael went out to meet Barak and said, “Come, and I will show you the man you are looking for.” So Barak entered the tent and found Sisera lying dead on the ground.”  

(Judges 4:22). This was a great day for Israel as “God defeated King Jabin of Canaan for the Israelites. So the Israelites became stronger and stronger until they defeated King Jabin of Canaan. The Israelites finally destroyed him” (Judges 4:23-24) which is why it was written that “Jael will be blessed above all women” (Judges 5:24) because of her heroic act.

That is why the Song of Deborah was written for “On the day that the Israelites defeated Sisera, Deborah and Barak sang this song” (Judges 5:2-31) in tribute, first and foremost to God but Jael was hailed as a heroine and was part if this Song of Deborah and gave Jael a right and fitting place in the history of Israel. 

Praying over your City – your family and for the Nation 

Jael was a woman whose name meant STRONG.  She did what had to be done even though to many it would seem messy.  

When we are dealing with the devil, we need to be STRONG and FIRM.  See yourself stomping on Satan.  Whack him with a tent stake and hammer if you must.   :-)

Ephesians 6: 10-11  Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil. 

The enemy is cunning and clever.  He will appear as an angel of light telling our citizens, and family that sin is acceptable and it really doesn't matter?  The devil will say, Everybody else is doing their own devices of sin, so: “Why not join them.”   Realize there is an invisible world, and there is an invisible war. 

How can we attack the forces of darkness as we pray?  Come before God with clean hands and a heart of compassion.  Use the spiritual weapon of Binding and Loosening.

1.     Use your authority to bind the “strong man” and command him to stop his tactics.  Loose the Holy Spirit to counter attack the plans of the devil.

2.     Bind the lies people are believing and release Truth and understanding.

3.     Bind deaf ears that refuse to hear the gospel, and Loose hearing ears to consider receiving Jesus .

4.     Bind blind eyes that are rejecting Jesus to see Him in dreams and visions.

5.     Use your authority to break the chains that hold citizens in bondage to sin in its many forms.

6.     Bind lust in it’s various forms, and loose Holiness and Purity.

7.     Take authority over witchcraft, the occult, Spiritism and false gods of culture such as the Chinese false gods and American Indian spirit gods. - -  

     This includes false “religions” such as lodges, clubs and cults that deny Jesus and his Blood sacrifice.  Loose to replace these false spirits with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit over the many lives steeped in the occult and other false activities.  

8.     Cry onto God with a voice of triumph.  “Jesus is Lord over your city and its citizens.”


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