Sunday, August 14, 2016

Press In - - to Receive

Pressing In to Touch Jesus

Pastor Allan was ministering as I took notes and present a digested message here for you.

There are times we expect something to happen and when it doesn’t we are disappointed. We look forward to God granting our request and await fulfillment.

The people crowded around Jesus and a woman elbowed her way to where Jesus stood.  It mattered not what the Doctors had told her.  She had suffered long and there seemed no hope for her.  She pushed and shoved, while the people stared at her, but she didn’t care. Her mission was to touch Jesus, even the hem of his garment.

As we gather here at our church, we must zero in on touching Jesus.  We must press in to receive.

It is not in our nature to forgive.  It takes Jesus in our life for us to begin to forgive and receive forgiveness.  The world says, “You will get what you deserve,” but in Christ there is freedom and deliverance. 
As believers we need to continue to press forward and not remain in the same condition as we began this race.  As newborn babies we need to mature and grow up. 
Here on Wednesday evenings, Pastor Rodney has been teaching on the Holy Spirit, the gifts and the fruit of the Spirit.  A lot of believers are happy with the fruit but fail to press in to receive the Holy Spirit Gifts.  We need to learn to walk in the Holy Spirit daily and realize through Him, we have the ability to do supernatural works for God. 
The Supernatural is happening.  We experience the “Goose Bumps,” but we must reach beyond the tingle and the shiver, to minister to others outside these walls.  To become effective we learn to be obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes we need to lay aside “Our Theology” that which we have been taught and allow God to show us His truth.  We may have been taught “Religion,” (a form without power,) but don’t stop there.

Some of us are just going through the motions and are missing it.  It is time to Press In.

Matthew 25:1-10 Jesus was telling about the ten virgins, five were foolish and five were wise.  The wise virgins had made provision to keep their lamps full of oil and were ready when the coming of the bridegroom occurred. The foolish virgins forgot to bring extra oil and as they waited, their oil ran out.  While they ran to the oil shop, the Bridegroom came, and the door was shut. They cried, “Lord open the door,” but it was too late.

Each day we are stepping closer to eternity.  Be ready at all times.  Keep filled with the Holy Spirit.

Have you ever ran out of gas - - or oil?  Many of us have, but we must daily do a check up.  We come to church to get filled and that is great, but we press in to daily get into the Word and Worship at home, because we do not know the hour when our bridegroom cometh.

The Jewish wedding has three parts.
1. THE COVENANT:  Jesus paid the price on the cross and our bill has been paid in full.  Our sins are already taken care of, and we agree to the covenant.  
2. THE CEREMONY:  This is where vows are made and witnessed by others. We say a final yes and promise to forsake all others and cling only to Jesus.
3. THE BRIDEGROOM TAKES HIS BRIDE:  We wait for the final chapter for Jesus to return.

Oil is symbolic of the Holy Spirit.  Are we staying full with the anointing?  John speaks in Revelation about the Churches and their spiritual condition.  God is not pleased with half hearted Christians, but desires us to be on fire and filled with the Holy Spirit daily.

Whether Jesus returns in our lifetime, we must be ready and filled with oil.  We must tap into the source. 
It would be good to prepare 30 minutes before coming to church to set a fire in our soul.  Be an example to others, believers and non-believers.  May we set a fire in our soul that we can’t control.

Some are offended at the least little thing.  No longer do we have the right to be so touchy.  Are you able to take correction from another person, or from the message preached, or do you take offence at truth?  God has set a standard, and we must crucify the flesh. 

When our vehicle needs maintenance, we get our hands dirty trying to repair it.  An overhaul might be necessary.  Going to the manufacturer to get the overhaul is like taking ourselves to the altar and allowing God to fix us. 
God is patient, but at times things happen to get our attention.  Saul was knocked off his horse and fell to the ground before he realized it was Jesus he needed.

Jacob wrestled with ‘God’ before he could become effective.

Understand how our kids try to wear us down so we will change our mind.  We get tough and say, “This is the way it is - - period.”  God is like that and He requires us to come into line with His will.  Be willing to change. 
We are the catalyst for what is happening here in our city. 

I don’t want to lose any of you, but I must preach truth.  Honestly it is tough at times, because some get angry when God puts His finger on the sore spots.

Don’t fight God, but fully surrender to his will. 

It is time to continually Press in to receive.



  1. Each day we are stepping closer to eternity. Be ready at all times. Keep filled with the Holy Spirit. --> a resounding yes! Lord, help me to remember this especially when faced with temptations and difficulty.

  2. In spite of everything else, I truly want to touch Jesus... and filled gratefully! Thank you!

  3. The part of about forgiving really stood out to me. We get so obsessed with seeking justice, we forget all the mercy we've received. The world preaches about survival of the fittest, and yet, they too applaud the Christians throughout history that have fought for the weak… just as God's word says; it's always the opposite of what the world thinks.


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