Thursday, August 18, 2016

Washing of the Water


Our Bible Teacher took us first to the Old Testament Tabernacle to view the Laver.  I took notes and present an edited message here for you.

Before the children of Israel left Egypt, they were to borrow articles of value from the Egyptians.  This included brass mirrors as well as silver, gold and precious jewels.  God instructed Moses to have talented men craft the furnishing for the Tabernacle.  The Laver was to be made from the brass mirrors.  Looking down into the water the priests could see the reflection of God in the mirrors. 
They were instructed to fill the Laver with clean water.  The Priest was to dip the water out of the Laver and wash his hands for service prior to slaying the sacrifice.  Before the Priest would enter the holy place to burn incense, he was to again dip from the Laver and wash his hands and feet so they would not die. 

As we meditate about water, we read from Genesis 1:2 as the Spirit hovered over the waters.  (We also think about how a Satellite hovers and rotates around the earth.)

Genesis 1:6 God spoke to allow earth to be in the middle of the waters. Then God divided the waters, creating salt water oceans and salt lakes, and also producing clean water rivers, streams, lakes and waters under the earth. 
In verses 20, 21 tells us that from the waters was produced living creatures, including whales and every kind of winged birds and creatures after their own kind.  God also made animals after their own kind and man was to have rule over the earth and the created beasts.  God said it is good. 
Verse 26 God fashioned man in His own image. 

We look at our children to see their likeness is like us.

The reflection in the Laver was a visualization of God.  Consider how much reflection we are for Him.

Genesis 2:10-14 A river went out of the Garden of Eden to irrigate, and parted with four heads for other rivers.

It may surprise you how much water it takes to grow our food.  It takes 240 gallons of water for one loaf of bread.  It takes 56 gallons for a simple sandwich.  Much water is necessary for cooking, washing and cleaning.  Huge reservoirs are necessary for our cities.  Water ways and canals are built for farmers for their animals and crops.

71% of our earth is covered by water.  Our bodies average about 57 to 60 percent water.

Water is a resource needed for life.  The Spiritual Water of Life must be received to know God through Christ Jesus.

In the days of Noah water came from the deep in addition to rain from heaven.  Water was in this case a Judgment, but then the waters receded and caused the earth to rearrange itself.  God gave Noah a rainbow as a sign and promise to never destroy the entire world again by water.

Exodus 30:17-21 Speaks of pulling water out from the Laver in order to keep the water clean and reminds us of the washing of regeneration.

Ephesians 5:25-27.  Christ loved the Church that He might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water and by the Word.

God makes us holy and without blemish, and His Word continually washes us as a representation of the Laver in the Tabernacle.

John 15:3  We are clean through the Word. 
The Word of God is water to cleanse us, and His Holy Spirit is water to nourish us.

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  1. This was so interesting! I love reading about the tabernacle and can glean so much spiritual good from it. Thank you for sharing this! God bless you, my friend. :)


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