Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just a Little Snakie Lick

Hidden in the thick bushes on the neighbors side of our property is a Rattlesnake nest! Baby rattlesnakes are born live but can be just as menacing as an adult.

My husband has busily been preparing for snaking season. He purchased some fine mesh rolls and has diligently been securing them around the sides and back of our yard. As soon as they are all in place, he plans to pour some cement at the base of the mesh to prevent snakes from crawling under the screen

Not once, but twice, our curious hound dog has been bitten by a snake! The first time it was just a baby snake. You would not think a tiny snake could do much damage, but he did! Now, if the snake could just lick my dog maybe that would not hurt him; but NO, he had to bite my puppy.

In life, some things appear to be small and innocent enough, but they are best left alone. Often, we observe our friends doing things or going certain places that we know in our own heart would not be right for us. They are tempting and seem innocent enough. However, I can hear my Mother saying, “

“If your friends jumped off a bridge would you do it too?”

When I was a young girl I remember reading a tract. In part it said “Other’s May, but You May Not.” It went on to say that some people can get by, or even get away, with just a tiny bite of sin. Shall we say just a “Snakie-lick”.

When Eve bit the apple that turned Creation upside-down, it was only a small bite! So if you are tempted to take “only a little bit” or just do something “only once”, keep that in mind. Understand that even a small Snakie-lick or Snakie-bite can flip-flop your world in a way you never anticipated! Given a little time, you will be wondering how you got so far off course.

Innocent looking “snakes” can really mess up your life! How do you keep them out? Daily prayer is the best screen-mesh to surround and protect you from the Snakie-licks of this world. Then, plug up the holes. Cement your life by daily reading a portion of God’s Word.

Thank you for allowing me to make a joyful noise today.

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