Monday, February 1, 2010

Not about ME

As I was meditating the Lord spoke softly to me and reminded me that it is NOT about ME but it all about HIM.

That is something that I must remember as I write these stories. There must be a story but the story must also tell a Spiritual truth that people will relate to in their own lives.

The focus must be on Jesus and on his word because it is the word of God that cuts like a sword and it is the word that heals and brings life. I know it seems like a contradiction to cut and heal all at the same time but that is so true.

Now the word alone is not sufficient. The Spirit must be there also. Some call it the anointing and it is just that and you can also tell when it is not there.

The anointing is like the yeast that should be in the bread. If it is NOT there, the bread does not rise. It is the same with a cake to leave out the baking powder. You get a flat cake and it is not very good to eat either.

God’s word is like food to our spirit. The anointing of the message goes down into our innermost being and gives us life. It is good to make it a habit to read at least a chapter from the Bible every day. Yes, I also use a devotional book because I love the stories just like you do. However a devotional book should be in addition and not instead of.

The Bible is where you look into the word and there you see Jesus in various chapters; even if the story is not about him.

Because you see it is all about HIM and not about me at all.

Thank you for allowing me to make a Joyful Noise today!

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  1. Yes, thank you Lord for your word and thank you Hazel for sharing it with us!


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