Monday, February 22, 2010


“I want to do it myself,” screamed my toddler as she insisted in putting her shoes on the wrong feet.

How often have I allowed her to wear her shirt on backwards or wrong side out just to permit her that feeling of satisfaction and to help fulfill her longing to be independent? She learned soon enough that suggestions and advice from parents and those in authority could save her unnecessary embarrassment! She eventually realized that by listening to experienced teachers that she could avoid loss of energy and time in completing a task.

I have been thinking about those who want to earn heaven by “Doing it themselves.” They can be seen going door to door or standing on a corner selling their magazines. Some young people sacrifice time by selling flowers for their cause in the airports. Others are young missionary men who travel two by two, driven in their efforts to chalk up credit for the mission. The hope of these workers is to receive favor with God by, "Doing it themselves."

If we could earn our way to heaven we would be missing the great fact that Salvation is a free gift. Heaven cannot be earned with “brownie points” or by Works alone. After we receive Jesus as our Lord, we no longer do good works to earn His love. Our desire to do good works will be an evidence of our love for Him.

Years ago I felt compelled to not allow anyone to leave my door with out a Gospel tract or our Church weekly magazine. It was almost a compulsion until one day I realized I was “Doing it myself.” Today I only give out tracts when I am prompted of the Holy Spirit to do so.

When it comes to doing something for God, I am often guilty of saying, “I want to do this myself.” Yet my God is ready to empower me (and you) with His anointing to get the job done more quickly and directly to hit the target. It is up to me to lay aside my own feeble efforts and rely on His directions and suggestions so that His desires will be accomplished on earth.

Only when we recognize and admit our weakness can we identify God's strength, His overcoming power and the wisdom that He makes available to us. We can then allow Him to do the works of God through us as we are His servants.

So Lord, I can not do anything for you in my own strength. I refuse to “Do it myself,” I will allow you do it through me. For without You, I am nothing!

As I seek your face and wait for your direction, I am led to “put my shoes on the proper feet” and to “wear my shirt correctly.”

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  1. Oh what a strong entry!

    I think we spend a lot of time doing just this, and He who loves us just snickers as we put our feet in the wrong shoes and walk backwards!

    Love your blog, thanks for visiting mine!


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