Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The cashier at the small Grocery store was speaking, “Sorry but your card was denied, try again.”

The older gentleman in line ahead of me tried the third time and his card was not accepted again. “That is it.” the cashier told him in a harsh voice.

The cashier looked at me puzzled when I told her that I would pay for his groceries. The man was walking toward the door and I called out “Sir, come back”. He returned to the counter and I told him to take his groceries as I was paying for them. He said,” No I can’t let you do that.” With a firm voice I said, “Please take your groceries, for today you have been blessed.” He hesitated but then took the groceries thanked me and left.

The Lord sometimes prompts us so powerfully that we cannot mistake his command. This was one of those times. In all my life this is the first time that I have ever done something like that for a stranger.

As I thought back through the years, there has only been a few times when the Lord's voice to me has been so loud. The thunderous voice of God that we hear is all within us and is not heard by others. Other times the voice of God is quiet and like a whisper in the wind. Whether soft or loud when we hear the Lord speak - - that is the time to listen and then it is also time to obey.

God speaks to us from the pages of his Word and the verses seem to leap off the pages and that is exciting too. Or when the Pastor speaks and one of his statements goes straight to your heart, it is a direct word from the Lord. It is time to listen and to obey.

Attention please! God is still speaking. Are you listening?

Thank you for allowing me to make a joyful noise today!

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  1. This man was blessed of God this day as he walked away with a bag full of food for his family. How he must of felt, so happy and thankful.
    But you, Hazel were also blessed of God as 'He' smiled down on you seeing obedience from his child. Love this so much.


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