Monday, February 8, 2010

Pay Day Is Coming

“You will just have to wait until Pay Day!”

I heard those words often, when I was growing up. My Dad often cut out a piece of cardboard as a temporary fix for the hole in the sole! This was supposed to make it last until Pay Day. Other times Mother would purchase some rubber soles that Dad would glue on the bottom of our shoes. If one of the other children got new shoes, our anticipation was high because it would be our turn next - - on Pay Day!

Pay Day always came. Twice a month we excitedly looked forward to it. Part of the reason was that when Mom and Dad would do the grocery shopping, a bag of jelly beans or gum drops was often included as a treat! Mother was always careful to divide the candy so each child received the same amount. There was no partiality; we were all treated with the same reward.

Pay Day is still something we look forward to as Christians. The Bible says that God is keeping records on each one of us. There will be crowns for the faithful and special robes for the soul winners. The prayer warriors and the intercessors will also receive special honor.

Some of us have had a Missionary Heart, but we found it impossible to go. So instead we gave of our finances or we simply prayed for the missionaries. Perhaps preaching was a strong desire, but, instead, God gave us a group of children to train and encourage. Evangelism may have stirred in some of our hearts, but instead God gave us a work place to be a silent witness for him. God keeps everything in his records.

Imagine the excitement on that day when the rewards are passed out!

Some may be surprised when they are given a large reward. They may wonder, “Why I am getting this reward?”

If you were faithful and “stayed by the stuff” so to speak, your reward will be the same as those who went to the battle. God is not partial!

So my friends keep praying! Keep giving! Keep serving the Lord and never give up! Pay Day is coming and it won’t be long!


  1. I love all of your blogs. (Sermons)I believe that if these, and more, compiled together in book form would be terrific. Everyone should have a change to keep this collection in their libraries. LaVera M

  2. I remember 'pay day' too. My brother and I always got a treat...Cracker Jacks or a box of Animal cookies. Your message Hazel is always such a good word with memories..thank you, love it!


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