Sunday, March 14, 2010

Value Versus Cost

Holding her sweater by the cuff, the young girl slowly plodded along, dragging a good piece of clothing on the sidewalk. Today was Release-Time Bible class and my mother was leading her group of elementary school students to their study site.

“Please, darling, pick up your nice sweater because it will be ruined the way you are carrying it,” my mother instructed the girl. The child replied, “Oh, it doesn’t matter because it only cost us a quarter at the thrift shop.” It appeared that this girl had no concept of value as compared with cost.

Flabbergasted at those careless remarks, my mother was taken aback. Our family knew nothing of thrift shops. We practiced: “use it up; wear it out; make it do; or do without.” Yes, we had received “hand-me-down clothing” from our cousins, but we understood the necessity to care for them as if they were new. They were new to us!

Consider King David in the Bible, when he desired to make a sacrifice to the Lord. He asked to purchase a threshing floor so he could burn his offering. The owner protested and offered to simply contribute it to the King. David would have none of that and replied, “I will not sacrifice to the Lord that which costs me nothing.” Finally, the owner accepted his payment and David made his sacrifice.

We understand that Salvation is freely given, but there was a high price paid. It was very costly to Jesus!

Actually, in retrospect, we do have a price to pay. Lifestyle changes suddenly confront us as we commit to follow the Lord. Giving up our own desires and conforming to His will is also costly at times. Stewardship of our time and our finances will cost us, but will definitely return large dividends in our spiritual growth.

How then should we value the gifts and blessings of the Lord? Deep reverence and tremendous respect for the things of God are a must. The gifts and callings of God are never insignificant and should not be treated as if they were unimportant.

So, getting back to our allegory, when you see someone “dragging their nice spiritual sweater” on the ground, speak up. They may be unaware of just what it is they actually have!

Think about it, and then be alert to pick up and humbly carry and protect your own valuable spiritual sweater!!

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