Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Say What He Puts on Your Heart

A co-worker stood near my desk, and I could not help overhearing her complaints to my friend. It seems that her young son’s schoolteacher had requested a meeting. A little annoyed, she grumbled that she had explained that her son was accustomed to hearing the word “Jesus” used as slang at home, so he saw no problem with using it at school.

I said nothing but prayed about what I should do in order to open up some important information to this dear mother. Did you know that God has a sense of humor? He impressed me to wait a day and to call her to the private area where my desk sat, before speaking to her.

The next day, I did ask her to my desk and related to her that I could not help but overhearing what had happened at school.

Now, our culture is basically devoid of good moral basics so I wanted to be sure I laid some groundwork. I suggested to her that if I wished to be insulting, that I would probably not insult her directly. I would insult her mother! I would call her mother a B - - - - or use any other name I could think of to indirectly hurt my co-worker. I expressed the idea that the Devil wants to hurt God and insult Him. The method he employs is to get people to use the name of God’s Son, Jesus in vain. Anytime a person uses the name of Jesus in this manner, in effect, they are insulting God.

She left my desk with new light on the subject. I do not know if it changed the habits of the household language, but I do know that she reported all that I had told her to several friends at work, and I am sure she also did the same at home.

The easy part in witnessing is that all we have to do is say what God puts on our heart and He will do the multiplying.

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