Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Father’s Arms

I held the heavy chicken box as long as my three- year- old arms would allow me - - - then ker-plunk! Down it went!

The baby chickens had been pecking around the corners of the hen box and I had decided to assist them. Under that weighty box were some nice juicy worms. As I lifted the box, the baby chicks scurried underneath. I became frantic and waved one hand and told them to scoot out of the way! I hoped they had heeded my anxious warning because I couldn’t hold the box much longer. Down the box went.

That evening my father discovered that many of the baby chicks were missing. Working in the mountains, my dad was often gone for long periods of time, so I hardly knew this tall, fierce-looking person. Although he had never done anything to make me afraid, I feared him just like some people have the fear of God in them. When he quizzed me and asked if I had lifted the chicken box, I knew if I said yes, that he would not be happy. So, as the blood drained from my little face, I said, “NO, not me!”

Dad questioned me a second time, and told me that he knew that I had done it. With tears running down my cheeks, I admitted my guilt and between sobs told him I was so sorry. I explained how I had tried to make them get out of that dangerous place, but they just would not listen. As it turned out, my dad hugged me and told me he forgave me but first he explained how my thoughtless action had been a tragedy for those little chicks.

Back then as a three-year- old I had no understanding of the consequences of helping those chicks. Yet it only took a moment for me to see their potential danger. Regrettably they could not understand me and in their innocence they became the unwilling victims.

Perhaps this is a reminder of a time in your life when you were trapped doing something at first you thought was innocent, but it turned out to be a disaster. Were your “arms” tired from holding up your end of what you thought was an agreement or a promise between you and someone else?

Today there are many warnings of danger ahead; Road signs, articles in the news, the Bible and the inward voice of the Lord. Has the warning voice of God ever spoke to you and told you to get out of that dangerous place, but you were too embarrassed or tired to listen? Or perhaps you thought it was too late to make a change in plans.

Consider this now if you are in a situation that is not wholesome or safe. It is never too late to run to the Lord for help. Yes, run to those outstretched arms and tell Him all about it. He always understands and He is a God that is not to be feared. As a loving heavenly Father He is always ready to forgive and assist you to find a better way.

Understand that God has provided counselors in the Body of Christ. Pastors, teachers and other seasoned Christians who won’t judge but who will help with encouragement, prayer and general support.

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