Thursday, March 11, 2010

When Mother Prayed

Everything was so still. It was early and very quiet for a Saturday morning. I slipped down the stairs and into the kitchen. Where was my mother and why was the door into the living room closed?

Curiosity got the best of me. Silently, gently I cracked opened the door so I could peer through. My eyes swept the room. Squinting a bit I unexpectedly spotted my mother kneeling at our sofa. What was this? Tears streamed down her cheeks and she was praying words that I did not understand.

My 8 year old mind was confused. I could not imagine what might cause my mother to be so sad and to cry when she was praying. It wasn’t until years later that understanding arrived. There are times when a child of God experiences an enormous “burden” for someone in need. It is then that the tears will automatically flow when they pray.

Softly I slipped into the room and settled myself on the floor next to my mother. “Why are you crying? Are you hurt? Are you sick?” I fervently inquired. “No darling,” she replied, “I am just talking to Jesus and He makes me so happy I could cry.”

Reflecting, I can still see her there. Had her Women’s ministries asked her to pray for the missionaries from our church? Was there a secret that the Lord shared with her and she was praying for someone I did not know? Perhaps she had been praying for her children who as yet had not made a decision to follow Christ. Maybe it was a little of all of those.

Prayer is a strange and wonderful method for communication with our God. I am reminded of the old song “The Royal Telephone.” It goes something like this - - -

Telephone to glory oh what joy Devine
I can feel the current moving down the line
Made by God the Father for his very own
You can talk to Jesus on this Royal Telephone

Central's never busy always on the line
You can hear from heaven almost anytime
It's a royal service built for one and all
When you get in trouble give this Royal line a call

God is always listening. I am so glad we can speak to him with normal conversation - - just as you would to a friend on the other end of the telephone line. Although the Lord’s Prayer is a model for training in prayer, I am convinced that God is often weary of hearing us repeat the same unengaged, mindless prayers over and over again.

Yes, there are occasions when even God gets tired of US doing all the talking! He delights in us but prayer is a two way street. Friendship requires listening as well. When we come to worship Him there are times we just need to sit quietly in His presence so He can speak to us. After all God is ultimate Wisdom. Wouldn’t it be wise to hear what he has to say? Then our prayers will be fruitful and on target.

Praying God's Word Day by Day by Beth Moore
Praying God's Word: Devotional Journal by Beth Moore

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