Monday, March 29, 2010

Warning - It May be Poison

When my husband was growing up, his unstable family situation made it difficult for him to live at home. So, at age 14 he moved in with an uncle and his wife. Living out in the country, life was very different.

At the tender age of 14, it was impossible for my husband to find a real job, so laboring with the farmers and raising tobacco was the work of the day. Soft sacks filled with arsenic were used by the farmers as a pesticide to powder the tobacco. My husband was given the task of dusting the plants. There were no protective masks available, and exposure to the dust and fumes from the arsenic was inevitable! Of course, his skin was peppered with arsenic residue day after day! I can only imagine the effects he must have suffered. His eyes and lungs were affected! The headaches and the nausea continued until one day, his uncle found him in a heap! He had to be carried to the house. That job was poison to a young boy!

Some things in life act like poison to our bodies, and our minds, if we are not alert. Beside the usual culprits of drinking, smoking, and using drugs, there are other poisonous behaviors that can bring about an early death. Almost beyond belief, suffocation and choking games are on the rise. Such dangerous games kill or maim many innocents.

Without even a thought of the consequences, persons are drawn to participation in a thrill. There is little awareness of the harm that can be done by a dare or a silly action just to please the crowd. My mother used to ask me, “Would you jump off a high building just because everyone else was doing it?” My answer was always, “No.”

We all need protection! Certainly the Bible has a lot to say about our bodies being the temple of the Lord and how we are to treat our bodies with care and respect. However, our minds also must be shielded from wrong thinking or indulging in activities that will ultimately affect the brain.

Everyone loves a little excitement and entertainment, but there are times to say NO, and times to stand alone!

Are you either participating directly in something, or being tempted to go along with things tolerated by your “group”? Are you feeling uncomfortable in a situation? Do not fear to speak up. You may be the one to save a life - - - possibly your own!

My husband unconsciously poisoned himself by doing his job in his teen years. He still experiences issues related to the ill-effects handling arsenic. He was totally unaware of what was happening to him.

So what is the bottom line here? Evil comes in many forms. Some you may recognize while others are more subtle.

Wake up! Look carefully - - it may be poison!!

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