Sunday, February 20, 2011

Changing our World by Sacrifice

Words are powerful. They can hurt, tear down, heal, build up, encourage and challenge.

The word SACRIFICE will be the theme on Tuesday at the Changing our World One Word at a Time Carnival.

Some will write about Abraham when God asked him to sacrifice his son. It turned out that God Himself provided a sacrifice, so Abraham was only being tested to see if he was willing to obey.

Others will write about the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross when He gave his own life’s blood to pay for our salvation.

There will be some very interesting posts this Tuesday. Mine will be different.

At first I thought to write about the widow who gave up her last portion of oil and meal, in order to feed the prophet who demanded that he feed her first. This was a test for her, because she had a young son who was also hungry. Because of her obedience she, her son and the prophet were able to enjoy daily food as the oil and meal was replenished each day by a miracle.

Have you ever sacrificed something you wanted badly and instead shared with others?

I remember one event in our young married life. We did not have a car, so we were walking as we returned from a church service. My husband asked me how much money we had to last the week. I told him I had put our last $5.00 in the offering that night. He was not too happy, but what was done was done. We had enough food in the pantry so we would not go hungry. He probably had to sacrifice something he wanted that week.

The Bible tells us to cast our bread upon the waters and it shall return to us after many days. This verse is not referring to actual bread, but our subsistence.

Many times God has asked us as a family to sacrifice money to help others in need. The support of missionaries can be far reaching. As they labor for the Lord, we also shall share in their reward.

I can honestly declare that God has been faithful and has provided for our family for many years.

Is God asking you to sacrifice something? It may not be money. He may be asking you to step back from friends who are pulling you away from the Lord. He may be asking you to take a new direction for your life.

If God is asking you for a sacrifice, I would urge you not to weep and beg to be let go, but instead to obey quickly, wash your face and do what God is requiring of you.

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