Thursday, February 10, 2011

What is that Awful Smell?

For several days, I searched and searched but could not discover, “What was that awful smell?”

I poured vinegar down my garbage disposal, wiped down my stove top with vinegar, washed an area rug, checked my trash masher - - - NO it didn’t seem to be in any of those places.

I called my husbands attention to the matter because his nose is more sensitive than mine.

Together we had to locate the problem, because it seemed to be getting worse.

The stove was calling to us to check it out more thoroughly. I removed the filter associated with the stove fan and cleaned and scrubbed it. Next a good wipe down inside the filter area.

NOT there. But close now.

Gingerly my husband lifted and removed the burner pans and dismantled the burners. As he peered at the drip pan under the burners, there it was.

Apparently a few days earlier as we were cooking some home made soup it had boiled over and fell down unto the drip pan under the burners. What ever it was, it had begun to ferment and create its own brand of disgusting odor.

Now fixing the problem was simple. Wipe with paper towels, scrub with cleanser, and then a rub down with vinegar. A final scrub around the sides and tops of the drip pan and scrub all the burner pans.

What a relief and good as new again!

I am reminded of many smelly things in this world. Our false pride and hypocritical humility must be a stench in the nostrils of God.

I can only hope that if it is me causing this unpleasant smell and reeking odor to God, that I will quickly acknowledge the fact and determine why and where it is coming from.

I am not a believer in too much introspection and self-examination, but at times it may be necessary.

I ask God to show me what it is that needs to be eliminated, changed, or corrected and ask that direct me in His paths of righteousness.

Search me O’ God, and cleanse me from every form of wickedness what ever it may be.

Create in me a clean heart and allow me to enter boldly into your throne room with a spotless, willing and obedient spirit!

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