Saturday, February 19, 2011

Roller Skates

They are building a new Sonic Burger in our city and according to information I was told, the attendants will be wearing roller skates.

Wearing roller skates is not a new thing. In the 1950’s our city had drive-in fast food establishments, where the waitress on skates would bring a tray and attach it to your driver’s side window. She would skate back and forth taking orders and serving the food.

During that same decade, I worked at the large Montgomery Ward Catalog store in Oakland. On one of the upper floors, catalog orders were being filled by associates on roller skates. The service was faster as they skated to retrieve the items, placing them in a numbered bin so the entire order could be sent down to the pick up department on the street level.

Customers could phone in their order, or in many cases go to the catalog counter in the store, and place their request. Within a few minutes they would have their purchased items and be on their way.

I am reminded that when I pray, I often wish the angels were on roller skates. Some prayers take a long time for an answer. Did God hear my prayer? Does He even care?

Yes, God hears all prayers but He also know what is best for you. When we agonize over a request, and the answer does not come, we often loose our trust in God. Actually the slow answer is because we want our own way, and our prayer was actually a demand for God to obey us and give us what we wanted.

We ask WHY? I am reminded of the Bible verse that says, the secret things are know only to God. He has his reasons for delay and we must trust Him no matter what the outcome.

For most of us, God is putting together an answer and it is on its way. His delivery will be on time, and in His perfect timing.

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