Saturday, April 30, 2011

DMV and Mercy to ME

If your driving record is good, often you will receive an announcement in the mail from the DMV to simply send in the fee amount and your driver’s license will automatically be renewed for another five years.

However once you reach a certain age, you are notified that you must come into the DMV office and take a written test, an eye test and a new photo for your renewal.

This is the second time it has happened to me, so I must now be of that “certain age.”

Remembering back when I was five years old, while helping my mother remove thread from old buttons, using a needle - - the needle slipped and lodged in my left eye.

Did it hurt? You betcha, and I screamed until my mother came to discover my dilemma. She carefully removed the needle and put me to bed in a dark room. Thinking about it now, she probably should have taken me to the doctor, but other than give me eye drops, it was unlikely the doctor could have helped me much.

As time went by and my eyes were stressed from all the homework, we visited the eye doctor for reading glasses. He examined me and told me that I had a stigmatism that would eventually cause a slight blurred vision in that eye. He prescribed glasses and they did help.

Many years have passed, and usually I do not need to wear glasses, unless I am at the computer or reading. However five years ago, DMV decided that I needed to wear glasses when I drive.

Now again it was time to visit the DMV prior to my birthday in May, so off I went. The gentleman at the counter was very kind. He asked me to read the top line with both eyes, and I did fairly well. Then he tested one eye at a time. I told him about my left eye, and he asked me to sign a paper that this injury happened many years ago. He asked me to read the top line a couple more times, and said, “That is good enough.”

Now I would call that - - DMV mercy for ME.

I passed the written test, and the nice gentleman took a new snapshot because when you grow older, you probably should have a new photo so they can tell it is really you.

One thing I am thankful for is that God always knows it is me when I come to Him. He even remembers my name! The Bible tells me that he even knows how many hairs are on my head! Isn’t that amazing?

God knows me like a book, and I know He went with me to the DMV because I needed all the help I could get! I did get help, and I also received “Mercy for me at the DMV.”


Anonymous said...

I like this one Hazel. God is so good to us isn’t he? Nancy P

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