Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Secret Passwords and User ID

Have you ever wanted to purchase an item using your computer? It is easy to compare prices by quickly doing a search on Google and checking out different companies.

I do it all the time for books, kitchen ware, vitamins, medicine for my animals, and many other items. A word of warning; always compare the shipping costs as a cheaper item may cost more with the shipping than another competitive company. for instance offers free shipping on many items if you order at least $25 worth of product.

Many sites on your computer require you to have a user identification name. Often it is your e-mail address. They also expect you to think up a secret password, one that you will remember. If you are like me, you may have trouble remembering which site has which password.

Therefore I have a system that might work for you.

Instead of writing on scraps of paper, I type it on my computer to keep it neat, and then I print my copy on colored paper.  I have an entire page of cheat sheets that is full of my user ID and passwords. 

Now what?

For safety sake I save it to a “USB FLASH drive,” NOT my hard drive. I will not take a chance to save my codes and secret words to my hard drive in case someone would ever accesses my files. This method also keeps my information safe from a computer hacker who may want to steal my important records.

I print my Pass word Sheets on colored paper for a reason. Colored paper is easy to find when most of my printing is done on white paper.

Just in case you are not aware of what a Flash drive is, it is a small plug in attachment that is removable that you can back up your information unto. I create a folder on my flash drive and save special documents that I will need later but do not want others viewing them on my computer.

Flash Drives can be purchased for under $10 if you watch the sale papers for Staples, Office Depot and other office supply stores.

Each time I post to my blog, I have a special Flash Drive that I back up my words to. I first save it on my hard drive, but have you ever heard of a computer crash?? The Flash Drive is additional security.

By now you have learned a couple of my computer secrets. Hope you can keep your identify safe and secure by using a similar method.

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