Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What Does Your Answer Look Like?

It is true that many are still looking and waiting for their Messiah!

Jesus was NOT what the Jewish nation expected of a ruler, so many did not accept him as King.

He was born in a stable and not in a palace. He associated with the poor and with sinners and not the privileged class.

He did not protest and cry in the streets requesting the vote of the people. He did not seek recognition, but often retreated to find seclusion in lonely gardens or in a mountain to pray.

Jesus came riding into Jerusalem on a young donkey, and He did not come galloping in on a white horse.

Yet multitudes thronged him daily, usually hoping to receive FREE food or a miracle.

For the Jews it was not popular to give up the old life style, and follow Jesus. Even today it is not always trendy and in some places is can be dangerous to acknowledge Christ!

Jesus was not recognized by many to be the King, because he did not “Look like a king.”

When we pray, we must anticipate our answer will surely come, but we may be amazed that it might not appear as we think it should be. It may not “Look like an answer.”

Often we do not recognize God’s voice because we already have preconceived ideas of what His voice sounds like and what the results of our requested prayer will predictably be.

May we learn to open our Spiritual eyes and Spiritual ears to see and hear what God is actually saying to us? May we recognize the answer to our prayer and be grateful!

Thank you Lord for your many gifts to us and may we ever exalt you as King in our lives.

Teach us to be aware of you in others who may not seem to us - - that you are also residing in them.

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Anonymous said...

good one, hazel.
thank you, God.