Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hippies in San Francisco

In a different way, the old South and San Francisco Hippies are of a sort, Multi-cultural. 

I am reminded of a visit one summer my husband’s Aunt Jessie, her son and his wife and their two teen age children came from Georgia to visit us.

We wanted to treat them to a China Town dinner in San Francisco, so we left early enough for a tour. We drove through Golden Gate Park, down to the beach, and the down town area where they could view the cable cars.  Our niece, our children and two of their friends accompanied us.

What Aunt Jessie really wanted was for us to take her to the district where she might see a real live Hippie. My husband knew the area well so he drove. Aunt Jessie wanted the windows down so she could see better so we obliged.

Very soon, we saw not one but a group of hippies, and with her thumb pointing as if she was hitch hiking, Aunt Jessie exclaimed, with her southern drawl, “Bob - - will you look at that!”

The hippies did not seem to mind and one of them smiled at our aunt and told her friends, “Will you look at that?”

We had reservations at Johnny Kan’s Chinese Restaurant. Upon arrival we were turned down at the door!

The Host said our men folks were not wearing a coat and tie, and coats and ties were required!  I told him we are neatly dressed; women in dresses, men in slacks with nice shirts and pull over sweaters.

The Host emphatically stated; no coat and tie, no entry. I argued, but we have a reservation for fifteen persons, but that didn’t seem to matter.

My husband was very angry and he was ready to return to Oakland to our local Chinese buffet, but I asked him to let me make a phone call to the restaurant across the street from Kan’s.

My questions were, do you require the men to wear coats and ties?

Answer, “No we do not require coats and ties.”

Question, can you take a part of fifteen without a reservation?

Their answer was “Yes we can take you, when ever you arrive.”

So we walked across the street, and were accepted without question.

At this lovely restaurant that evening, seated at a large round table, we sat viewing our menu. In a loud voice Aunt Jessie, proclaimed, “Bob, don’t you pay over a dollar and a half a plate for us.” My sweet husband assured her that she needn’t worry, and we all enjoyed a magnificent meal.

It was sad to see our family return to Georgia for that was the last time we saw them.

Not long afterwards Aunt Jessie joined her husband Joel in heaven, and one day we except to see them all again.

I know we will also see some sweet Jesus Freak Hippies and many others we knew long ago as they will also be there.

Yes, a reservation is required - - Receive Jesus as Lord, but no coats and ties are required.

This post has been entereed at  in an interesting collection of Multi-cultural stories.  Inferior Mother is the Hostess.


Anonymous said...

just crossed the street...i like that.

Ann Kroeker said...

Aunt Jessie's delight is not unlike my four-year-old moment! This is a delightful stroll through the streets of San Francisco--I've never been there, and I suspect if I visited, I would feel I was crossing cultures in a big way from my flat, conservative, Midwestern state of Indiana!

So glad you linked up with the community writing project hosted by Dena!

Anonymous said...

I loved this story Hazel!!
Vicki K

Anonymous said...

I love the spiritual application you found in your post...thanks for linking up to our cross-culture project!