Wednesday, April 6, 2011

When Bryce Met Ruth

As a teenager, Ruth loved playing the piano – especially for her church in Lindsay.

The Exeter church was without a pianist for worship services, so they invited Ruth to play for them. When they promised to provide someone to pick her up and take her home, she accepted.

Once a month, the nearby churches would have a rally for the young people. With the rally coming up the next week, a young man named Bryce was looking forward to some fun. He already had a girl friend, but since her body was still growing, she was taller than Bryce. This caused him to be extremely uncomfortable.

The other boys at church teased Bryce, and suggested that he should ask Ruth to go with him to the rally. It was almost a joke as they figured she was too shy to accept!

As it turned out, Ruth was excited to attend the rally with Bryce, and they both had a wonderful time.

Much shorter than Bryce, Ruth was quiet, sweet, and very pretty. They became a twosome and before long, Bryce proposed. Soon afterward, they were married and a year later, they became my Mom and Dad.

Their first few years of marriage, during the 1930 depression-era, were difficult, but they never went hungry. Dad worked for farmers, picking fruit, and was later hired by the WPA to clear brush in the mountains.

Even though I was a young child, I still remember his face, swollen from the poison oak he was clearing! I did not understand what it was until much later

By the time I was five, Dad was hired by the Southern Pacific Rail Road. We moved to Oakland where we settled in and enjoyed life.

Because our church was active, and our Pastor had a Missionary heart, each year he hosted a Missionary Convention. All the churches cooperated. Being inspired by all the wonderful, colorful speakers with their stories of suffering or glory, I started learning how to participate by giving.

As I grew up and became a teen, that same church is where I met and married my husband. We have been together for over 60 years!

Yes, Bryce met Ruth at church and I’m glad they did!! It is my feeling that church is the best place to find one’s life mate.

Of course, that does not guarantee that life will be perfect. Even Christians have their moments, and must employ give-and-take to maintain a happy home.

My dad and mom put Jesus first. They treated each other respectfully - as honored guests. This went a long way toward obtaining a perfect balance as I was growing up. I am so thankful for the faithful lives of my parents, Bryce and Ruth Stanton.


Anonymous said...

It is such a delight to hear and read real stories of life, very inspiring.Marriage is not is always a working process between two people who love each other. I wish you had posted your parent's picture....

Megan said...

What a nice story! Thanks for sharing it.