Monday, April 18, 2011

Think of it as an ADVENTURE

Changes in family situations, including your work, housing, a need to move to a new location, can cause stress, worry and often panic.

If you have some advance warning it does take the edge off somewhat and allow for a bit of planning.

In 1975 we announced to our two teen age daughters still living at home, that since they had graduated from High School, they were entitled to make a choice. Our son and one daughter were married and our announcement did not affect them, except for their disapproval.

We told our two daughters that we were taking a year of planning, and at the end of that time we were making a move from California to Oklahoma. They could stay in California, get a job and their own place, or come with us. If they came with us, there was work and colleges in Tulsa and they could live with us and enjoy the time there.

Think of it as an ADVENTURE we told them!

After much thought they both agreed that they were up for it!

My husband had asked me if I would be willing to sell our home and travel to Oklahoma to attend a one year School of Ministry?

Bob and I had just returned from a week of meetings at an exciting Faith Building seminar and for him to make such a statement was unusual because he is such a steady individual. Now me, I can be a bit more flighty.

He concluded that we would need to sell our home, and save our money for one year so we could afford to make this move. We had a thriving business, so there were many plans to make and changes to consider.

So much happened during that year of preparation; and the following year in Oklahoma was the highlight of our lives. God was with us all the way!

Stepping out in faith and hoping that the water will carry our weight is an exercise that calls for either an adventurous attitude to begin with or a change in attitude rather quickly.

Walking with God is always an exciting journey, and where He leads He always holds your hand. It is not a matter of us holding on and hoping!! Always remember that God is the one doing the holding and our job is to trust and obey.

How about you, are you ready for an Adventure? Are you counting each day as your Adventure with God?

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Peter P said...

Stepping out with God is always exciting!

Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of testimony, Hazel!

Anonymous said...

"Life is a constant journey of challenges about love, life and challenges. My constant strength will not last if I will not ask God's intervension." Hi Nancy, how are you? I will try to make my reflection as soon as possible.Take care.

Alise said...

How wonderful! I think the best adventures are the ones that start out with a kind of crazy plan. Thank you for sharing this story with us!

Helen said...

I am so glad for you that your choice was the right one!

Lisa notes... said...

Such an encouraging story, Hazel. I tend to like my "change" in small doses, so sometimes adventures are scary to me, but I'm trying to do better and go with God's flow.

HisFireFly said...

Walking with Him is the most thrilling adventure indeed! Thanks for sharing.

L.L. Barkat said...

I am not a big adventure person. :) But I like the idea of altering one's perspective! :)

Anonymous said...

good adventure story, hazel.

Glynn said...

That was an adventure! For your whole family, too. To strike off into the unknown -- that takes trust. Good story.