Saturday, August 20, 2011

Clean Hands

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My husband had just read an article about Purell and Presidents and he informed me according to a report by Brian Williams - - 

Bush and Obama are two men of the hand sanitizer generation. Both have become dependent upon, if not addicted to, the vaguely slippery, slightly gelatinous liquid which has become the staple liquid...the nectar of life...for those who shake hands for a living and wish to avoid germs...and thus its become the coin of the realm in modern politics.

As my husband mentioned the product Purell, my memory immediately flashed back to the 1990’s when - - Not by happenstance, but by God’s direction, Kitty Hamilton, a Missionary Evangelist began to attend our small church.

Kitty asked several of our ladies to be on her board of trustees while she was organizing her ministry as a non-profit corporation, and I agreed to help her. 

Able to speak four languages fluently, she still travels to Peru, Germany, Indonesia, and the African Congo. Amazing miracles occurred as she ministers and her energy always amazes me.

A church group in Equitos, Peru had invited Kitty to be the main speaker at a woman’s conference, and she asked me and two other friends to accompany her and speak at some of her workshops. 

During our time there, we were asked to take a tour up the Amazon River to visit a Native village. The boat held a goodly number and some of her Peruvian friends went along with us on the sightseeing experience; one of which was a college student.

On this journey to Peru, I was trying to be very careful as to what I ate or drank, because I knew there would be germs that I wanted no part of.  For that reason, I had brought along with me a small purse size bottle of Purell, the liquid hand sanitizer.

We were met by the village chief, and his tribe along with the children and were greeted warmly. They invited us to enter their Hogan and they began to demonstrate some simple native dances. The girls placed some hand made necklaces around our necks, and we were expected to give them a dollar which we did.

Next the natives invited us to join with them in a hop and skip dancing circle as we enjoyed the moment.  That is me in the blue dress in the photo.  The college girl is with the purple shirt and tan pants.  Kitty is in the background in the red skirt.

As we were leaving there were good byes, and I removed my bottle of Purell and placed a dollop on my hands. The Native college student asked, “What is that?”

I was embarrassed to be caught, and replied, “It is a hand lotion, would you like some?” and I crossed her palm.

She may have been more educated than I gave her credit for.  Anyway, we both had clean hands, that day.

Again I am reminded that it is not just my hands that must be clean, but it is my heart also. Jesus has provided for us something more powerful than Purell to clean our hearts.   His precious blood is the cleansing agent!

All we need do is ask and he will wash away any sin from our heart and cause it to become as white as the snow.

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  1. What a great story and tie in. While your hands might be occasionally dirty due to the work of this world, you're heart is wonderfully clean. I love the personal stories, they carry with them such real life impact. Thanks.


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