Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Grimms fairy tale!

Once upon a time, there was an old woman who lived in a shoe and she thought she would write a blog.

She tried to write lovely flowery words like the others she witnessed out there in space, but the only thing that would come from her pen were raw stories from her youth.

Then flowed tales about her children and mischief that she and others had done through the years and lessons those events had taught her.

Parables seemed to be an excellent method to teach about life and mistakes that can be made and how to avoid them.

She was reminded that Jesus often used stories to illustrate points he desired to put across.

She remembered that the Bible says that many things that are written in God’s word are there for examples so that we can profit from them.

Hopefully if we observe someone in the Bible making a terrible mess, supposedly we can try to prevent ourselves from getting into a similar situation.  Then again if we view someone in the Bible being blessed, it will encourage us to obey God and likewise be blessed.

There were times when the old woman would rant and rave because she hated to see the path some of those she knew - - were traveling in life.

She wrote about making wise choices and staying out of situations that might prove harmful.  Mostly she urged those who would listen to serve God and follow Jesus all the days of their life.

Did anyone listen? Some did, and others did not. At least those who listened had some food for thought, and perhaps if not now, then possibly later on they could make it to the good path.

She was told by a few of her church friends that her stories were not wanted, and that she preached too much!  But then what did her "church friends” know?

So the old woman wondered if she should simply put down her pen and keep quiet.  To still the noise!

Then she began to hear remarks and comments of people being blessed by her words, and this encouraged her to write on.

She questioned to herself, “Do other writers often feel that they are out there all alone and perhaps that no one is listening?”

Then it occurred to her that if only one person was listening, that would be enough!

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  1. Hazel,
    I hope you''ll go to David Rupert's blog, Red Letter Believers, and search his archive for a post called "An Audience of One."

    You can google it.

  2. I LOVE THIS POST!!!!!!
    I feel like God speaks to us in similar ways. What a blessing to have your voice speak for the likes of me... If God is pulling at us to write, then who are we to listen to the world? When we honor Him, it matters not who doesn't like or read or work, it only matters, like you said, if it touches the one heart God penned it for.
    Today, that heart is mine...
    Thank you.

  3. I have to remind myself daily that even if the words God gives me help one person then that is enough. Great post.

  4. Yes, we keep sharing. I am encouraged by your post.


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