Sunday, August 21, 2011

God’s Hill Billy

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The following post is from my notes taken from our Pastor’s sermon this Sunday Morning. Pastor was reading from the Message Bible: Amos chapter 2.

The prophet Amos was a shepherd from a small village in the hills, and all he wanted to do was tend his sheep. He had no interest in becoming a prophet; in fact he fought against it until he finally yielded, and decided to obey God, and warn the people.

His message was not a popular word. In fact he spoke with a loud stern, angry voice because he was speaking for God. 

His cry was God says: "Because of the great sins of my people —I'm not putting up with her any longer.”

Amos did not mince words, and he gave his message as straight from the mouth of God.

The people had broken all the covenants and laws. They were worshiping foreign gods, and were living immoral lives.

It was wine women and song, and what ever else was vile that they could dream up to defile the name of Jehovah.

Their hearts were utterly wicked and their utmost thoughts were for pleasure for themselves.

They were not entirely different from many we find in our world today.

Amos told the people, REPENT and God will bless you instead of punishing you. If you serve the Lord, your head will swim with all the blessings.

The majority of the people rejected the Prophet’s message. They trampled on his words.

All that Amos prophesied was true and it came to pass as he had delivered it.

Approximately 10 percent of the people listened and repented after hearing the message of Amos. They were rewarded with blessings, and the rest of the people were carried off captive by another nation, and many lost their lives.

The message of repentance is still true today. Repent and live!

Jesus reminds us that the angels in heaven rejoice over one sinner who repents.

If we seek the Lord, we will hear him say, “I will forgive you, I will love you, I will save deliver and restore you, I will bless you.”

Guaranteed because God says it is so!

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  1. I dearly love Amos...struggling to obey GOD and warn the people when he really just wanted to be a shepherd.

    Have you read Francine Rivers' book on Amos?

    Someday, I hope to meet the prophets in Heaven...

  2. I share the same heart as you today. My prayer almost daily is for our country to wake up, for God to pour His spirit out on this land and wake us from the sinful stupor, for us to confess our sins, so that He might heal our land.
    I too see the exact parallels here for God's blessed nation as the foolish Israelites of that time. God doesn't change, we can be assured He still won't be mocked.

    We need this reminder daily. Thanks Hazel.

  3. Repent: words of invitation, not condemnation. Wonderful reflections.

  4. This is so true that they were not that different from the people today. We need a lot of Amoses to warn us.


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