Monday, August 1, 2011

Fly Trap!

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Although we lived in the city during my childhood, at the rear of our yard, my dad built a chicken coop and fenced all around it so there was a yard for our Rhode Island Red Hens to scratch and be in the sun.

Inside the chicken house was a raised step up floor, and above that were roosting dowels for the chicken’s sleeping quarters. Our hens felt safe at night because an outside door to the coop was closed each night as they roosted. Over on the end of the coop were some nests with straw inside, where the hens would lay their lovely brown eggs. From the outside of the coop, we could lift a door over the nests and fetch the eggs each morning.

Because we were living in town, we needed to keep the pen clean and each morning there was a poop collection that was set aside to later go into the garden compost.

image courtesy photobucket

However - - There was no getting around it, there were LOTS of flies in the yard, so Dad being the inventor that he was, built a home made fly trap.

Four wood sticks at each corner and a fine wire shaped like a cone was placed inside. The floor of the trap was wood with a hole cut large enough to receive the right side up cone. There was plenty of room around the outside bottom of the cone for the flies to drop dead! Then he covered the sides with mesh screen sewing it closed with heavy twine and placed a wooden lid on the top so the trap could be emptied. The trap was raised off the ground just enough so the flies could get under it. All Dad needed now was some bait and some chicken manure under the trap would do just fine.

Yes it worked like a charm. The flies went under the trap and then flew upwards into the cone and through the small hole at the top. They were trapped because they could not figure out how to escape.

I am reminded that many times in life we get our selves into all types of traps, enticed by bait that seduces us into a fix so that we seem to be fenced into a corner, caught and not able to escape

For some it may be alcohol, drugs or other habits.  Perhaps even a marriage that at times causes us to feel trapped.  For many of us it is over-extending our line of credit and we find our selves hopelessly in debt.

God can help us, but these types of confinement are something that we somehow managed to get ourselves in, and we might just need to make some dramatic changes to correct our ensnarement.   Ask God for his guidance, as you work through this trap. 

There are many counseling groups, rehab programs and the various anonymous gatherings. Seek out a support group, it will help.  Your Pastor is there to give you support and always rely on God to help you too.

Do not expect a magic wand to release you, although miracles do happen.  God expects to work WITH you and you must do your part.

If you are having financial problems, it is time to cut up credit cards, stop the spending for things that are not food and essentials.  Review your phone and TV service and perhaps par down. 

Clean out your garage, and your closets of all items you are not needing and using, and have a yard sale. What ever it takes, and it may take a long time, but it can happen.

If you find yourself in a fly trap of sorts, - - push the lid off and take charge to crawl out of that place.
With Jesus inside you and guiding you, changes will occur there is hope.

The Bible says that a dog returns to his vomit. - - Please do not let that be said of YOU.

Galations 5:1 Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.


  1. It doesn't hurt to ask for His help, as well.

  2. the actual trap that your dad made sounds interesting. i sure would like to see a drawing or a picture of it.

    good advice post.

  3. Really enjoyed this Hazel, thank you!!
    Vicki K

  4. That was a brilliant trap. So simple yet those are always the best kind. The common sense of it is not so common. I think everyone has a weakness of one kind or another. Sometimes I even take writing to far and miss the whole point of why I began in the first place. Thanks for the straight talk. We don't hear it near enough anymore...


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