Sunday, June 10, 2012

Graduation Week

Two beautiful Granddaughters Class of 2012 - Ali and Ashley

This week was a busy week with graduations from Pre-school through University. 

We were pleased that two of our lovely granddaughters were graduating each from their own High schools this week.  Alexandra in Southern California and Ashley here in our town near us.

Every Sunday at our church there is a time for “Joys and Concerns.”
- - Praise reports and prayer requests.

Usually once a month I share one of my stories briefly during this time.

Today I shared my story about Kindergarten graduations and how our teacher made a fun game out of learning to write our name, to recognizing colors and shapes and numbers.   

In life as we grow up, we realize that not always is everying as pink as it was in those happy Kindergarten days gone by.

During the fellowship time at church, several came to me and mentioned memories of their young school days.

One gentleman remembered that he had brought a bag of candy to share with all the children in his first grade class. His teacher did not appreciate it and asked him sit in the “Bad thinking chair” with a dunce hat on.

I agreed with him, that he was trying to do something nice but instead he was punished for it. There must have been a lack of communication there.

Perhaps there was a rule that he was not aware of and that hurt even more.

In life, we try our best not to break rules, but there are times we discover a new rule that we were not
conscious of earlier..

Some sets of laws are difficult to follow such as “Love your enemies and do good to them who persecute you.”

As our graduates embark on new adventures in life, our prayer is that they will enjoy the steps they choose, and follow Jesus as he leads them forward.

Maya we as well move forward in Christ and enjoy each day that he allots to us.


  1. Congrats to your grandkids! It's an exciting time in life for them. I'm praying also that they will walk the paths that God has chosen for their lives. May He bless them abundantly.


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