Sunday, June 24, 2012

Who Cares?

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On Sunday as I took notes  from Pastor Jerry’s sermon I share gleanings with you.

Pastor was reading from Mark, chapter four about Jesus and the disciples entering into a boat, and Jesus said, “Let us go over to the other side.” He then found a pillow and proceeded to go to sleep. Suddenly a tempest arose and the wind hurled waves of water into the boat.

The disciples were exerting all their energy rowing, while thinking, “Surely we will sink, we are going to die!”

Last week, Pastor reminded us that he had asked us to imagine, and this week he suggested that we pretend to be in the boat with Jesus and his friends.

As the boat bobs up and down, the disciples fear that they will go under and perish. Terror fills their hearts and they have forgotten the words of Jesus “Let us go over to the other side.”

They only know this moment of wind and water dashing upon them. There are no life preservers, no GPS, no buoys to direct them.

Does Jesus even care?  Look at him sleeping with not a concern or worry in the world. What did they expect from Jesus?

Was it fair for him to be resting while they toiled to save themselves and the boat? Finally they decided to wake him so he could help them row to shore.

In their desperation, Jesus appeared to be rude, as he criticized them for having such little faith. His next words were spoken direct to the storm, as he commanded it to be still – and it was.

The logo of the church is often a boat with a sail, and we can also consider that we are in the church as a body of believers. Our personal lives also touch our friends who are in the boat with us, and may be suffering their own private turmoil.

Faith and belief are two different components. Faith is deep seated confidence in God, while belief is often a matter of opinion and possible uncertainty.

Being God’s children does not always promise us sunshine, and the truth is that bad things happen to all people. We cannot transcend our human instinct to be afraid at times and to worry.

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Jesus is inviting us to allow him to enter our storm and be a part of it with us. Jesus invited his friends to live on the other side of the tempest and to enjoy peace.

Many storms in life come at us, illness, accidents, abuse, betrayal, murder, divorce, loss of a job, or a home, death in the family or even a long time pet. All are real storms!

As we row our boat, we say to ourselves, “Am I going to make it to shore.”

It is good to be positive, but positive thinking is not magic. We don’t pretend that the storm is not there, but Jesus is in there with us, and he speaks calm words of tranquility and reassurance.

Does anyone care? Yes, Jesus does, and He offers words of comfort, “Peace be still.”

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  1. I like the thought of allowing Jesus to enter our storm. I've never thought of it like that. I do think there are times I wonder where Jesus is when He's just waiting for me to ask Him to walk in the storm with me. I would have loved to hear this sermon.

  2. Excellent post Hazel. We all have storms... but we have the Author of the cosmos. "In this world you will have trouble... but take heart for I have overcome the world." The modern church often quotes the second part of this verse, but the first part makes the second part relevant.

    I always appreciate your straight forward, tell it like it is truth... It is strengthening... Thanks my friend.

  3. Yes He cares. I've learned though that many times, He has a funny way of showing it. Maybe this is why we sometimes think He doesn't care. In hindsight though, we realize the work of His hands had always been for our good.

  4. Love that these thoughts came from your Pastor's sermon, I am trying to do the same at 'Here it Sunday..." In the midst of the storm if we could only hear, 'Let's go to the other side' we'd be more faithfilled.

    Thanks for sharing today.


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