Sunday, June 3, 2012

Two Birthdays

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Our Guest Pastor Jerry was reading from John’s Gospel chapter three about the visit to Jesus by the Pharisee Nicodemus.

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Nicodemus is a Pharisee who is at the top of his field. Not only is he a member of the Sanhedrin, he is the most renowned Bible teacher of his day and he comes at night to inquire of Jesus with his questions.

The Pharisees in general were out to “get” Jesus and to trip him up if at all possible. To visit Jesus was a risk and a danger if he was caught by his friends,

Nicodemus tried to control the conversation by acknowledging Jesus as a teacher sent from God for no man can do the miracles he was doing unless he was sent.

In reply Jesus declared, "I tell you the truth, no one can see The Kingdom of God unless he is born again."

“How can this be?” asked Nicodemus, because he was thinking of the natural birth and the impossibility of returning to the womb to be born a second time.

Jesus explained that one must be born of water and of the Spirit to inherit the Kingdom of God. Jesus offered him hope and Nicodemus left with wonder in his heart, but secretly he believed Jesus to be the Messiah.

The Mystery and wonder of the trinity has us all at times confused and trying to explain how God is one God in essence yet is in three persons. One God our Father, One Lord Jesus, One Holy Spirit who proceeds from both to comfort and guide us and indwell us.

Pastor Jerry said, don’t ask me to explain any further, because that is all I know. (Everyone laughed.)

One important event that we must consider is to experience a second birth. To be born again.

It is good to remind ourselves when this happened to us. When did we realize that Jesus had come into our heart and that we became a Christian?

Are we certain that we have made our New Birth Decision? If not we can choose to follow Jesus today.

Our first Birthday we have no control. We do not select our parents, our place of birth and all that comes with it.

Our Second Birthday is a decision, to believe that Jesus died for our sins, was buried, and rose again on the third day, and promised to return for us some day soon.

Consider that all who receive Jesus, to them gave He the Power to become the Children of God.

If you have done this and you have been Born Again – May I say, Happy Birthday !!

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