Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ten days Baby Sitting

Danny Ryan
Photo by Hazel

It is not what you think, because we have not had any tiny babies in our family for several years.

However I have been dog and cat sitting for our daughter Becky while her family is enjoying a cruise to Mexico. They were joined by our other granddaughter Ali, so the two teenagers will enjoy a few days in the sun.

Ashley and Ali have both just graduated from High School, and a lovely vacation seemed appropriate before life really gets into gear. Our youngest daughter Judie and her husband Chuck met them in San Diego to transfer their daughter Ali into their care.

Becky’s dog and cats have visited here before so they are comfortable at our place. Our three dogs were happy to see Becky’s Irish Setter again and there is no real problem caring for them. The cats have a special room they are assigned to, and I feed them twice a day and scoop the poop into a plastic bag.

Now when you go on a vacation, you hope your house and yard is safe, so we were asked to check the house and garden and pick the zucchini making sure everything was okay.

On Sunday, I took a big bag of zucchini to church and the members were happy to make good use of it.

On last Tuesday I made another trip to pick more squash and discovered water running over the driveway and into the back yard. A quick call to Robert brought him over in his pickup truck as he tried to repair the leak.

We didn’t have the proper tools and pipes at this time, but, we were able to find a shut off valve just for that area. After working on the pipe for a couple of days it continued to leak.

Finally Robert decided that the best thing was to cap it off for now and Becky’s husband can decide what else it might need when they arrive back from their trip.

They are due back in a day or two, and they will be happy that no permanent damage was done by the water leak.

Today we checked again and the cap is holding, so we picked vegetables and left a big bag of zucchini and cucumbers in their refrigerator.

Life is often full of surprises that we do not welcome. Using wisdom, God will help us through what ever it is that we need to face.

The Lord has promised to be our helper and guide, and we can safely place our trust in Him.

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  1. It is nice to be able to go out of town and know someone you trust is watching your home. I can almost Robert, "I'm a roofer not a plumber"! - "Roof leak no problem, pipe leak, well, that's a different story"...

    Surprises are inevitable, choosing how we respond to them shows where we are in our walk with God.

  2. Both of you are doing Such a wonderful job . God's help though your hands. Blessings


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