Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Visit to Korea

Korean Symbal
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image courtesy photobucket.com

Clop clop clop that was the sound heard on our back as my daughter and I received an official Korean massage. Having nothing to compare this to, it seemed like cupped hands going up and down our backs that sounded like galloping horses. 

My youngest daughter, Judie had met Becky and me at the airport and she knew we would be tired. The first thing she wanted us to do was relax with a nice massage. “Here is a towel, so take a shower first and report back here.” Those were our instructions.

The Korean Tourism and the Military were cooperating to give the military families an exciting ten day tour of Korea.  Hotels were giving special rates, and there were activities and shows available in the off time.

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After we checked into the Harrison Hotel, Judie treated us to a wonderful Korean buffet which included music and dancers.

Kimchi was something Judie wanted us to try. It is a staple made from cabbage that has been fermented, seasoned and is a tad hot.  Not being used to hot seasoned food, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try it, but surprising enough it was delicious.  Actually it is good for you health wise too.

Judie knew her way around Soule and she showed us how easy it was to hail a taxi. You wave as if you were waving good bye.  Most drivers speak a little English or at least the English name for the important visitation places.

We noticed many people were wearing gauze masks, and I asked Judie about it. She explained that most wear them because the air is bad, and they are afraid of germs.

The next day Judie returned from her Air Force base to take us shopping at the Korean outdoor Mall. “Better price,” is what you say even if you think the price is good. They love to bargain with you, so that is what we did.

When our arms were full, Judie took us to the Base Post Office and we shipped our purchases home using US mail service.

Chaple at Prayer Mountain
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As we completed our visit, we attended the largest Christian Korean church. There was an area for foreigners to sit and select which language they would like as a translation.

After the service we stopped by to see the visitor’s center where an American Missionary gave us brochures about Prayer Mountain and the fasting and prayer that takes place there. The Missionary explained how the church has grown so large by utilizing home cell meetings.

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The Demarcation Zone was very interesting. We were asked not to speak to the soldiers, but some soldiers were looking through the windows, smiled and waved to us. We had been asked to ignore them and it was difficult not to wave back! :-).

We said a sad farewell to Judie as we boarded the airplane for home. She still had a few more months before she would be reassigned by the Air Force to return to California.

There is so much beauty here in this world, and each country has its own culture and loveliness. God has created a planet that causes me to wonder if there could be additional splendor elsewhere. If this earth is so wonderful, I pause to consider how magnificent and breathtaking heaven must be?

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  1. That is really a neat story. You had a very blessed time over there... and I'm sure you were a blessing to them, too.

  2. How cool is it that your daughter served? A rhetorical question to be sure. You and your husband must be very proud. Good for you to be able to step beyond what your comfort level is, but then, your daughter had to get it some where.

    The earth is a breath taking place, I too wonder about the splendor of heaven...

  3. What a wonderful trip especially attending the biggest churh in KOrea. LOve this post.

  4. What a fabulous trip and experience for you!!! Thank you for sharing with us all--it's been a joy to read! :)


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