Wednesday, December 19, 2012

SOMETHING DIFFERENT IN THE AIR - Guest Post Robert's Musings

Repent courtesy

I don't how or why I got there
I guess I had to be somewhere
I surmised it must be a place of refuge
For a cross had been placed up in the air

 I entered with apprehension
Disquieted, suspicious, say the least
Yes, for sure, there was something different in the air
There were benches for sitting, straight backed and so hard

 I felt it must be a form of torture to endure
The ceiling reached nigh to heaven
The walls and stain glass were so severe
It added to my discomfort, I feared

The Lectern rose above me, all delivery came from above
Then A solemn figure rose from his seat and strode across the stage
He took his place in the pulpit and as he assuaged
I felt my self getting smaller, and I feared for
There was something different in the air

Sometime later the sermon, it was past
I was glad it was over but then alas
 He cried with a voice so anguished
So laced with bitter pain I could hardly bear it
His composure he regained and said with softer tones
Come, come, the savior is calling, hurry don't delay
It may be your only chance, this may be your only day

And as I sat there musing, there was something different in the air
The next words he uttered I could hardly comprehend
Raise your hand, walk down the aisle, at the altar the knee must bend
Repent, confess and try to make amends

It was some time later, I felt all things were new
I didn't understand it, I wondered what to do
As I looked around me, I couldn't help but stare
Then I realized there was something different in the air



  1. Oh I love this !! Vicki K

  2. That is an awesome poem. Well done and wonderful message.

  3. Beautiful poem! Truly what the season is all about.


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