Friday, December 28, 2012

Older Missionaries

Ministering at the Rescue Mission
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Today’s stories are more of a report on my favorite missionary workers, with our Local Rescue Mission first.

Oroville Rescue Mission is my Local place to donate monthly to help the homeless.  Click HERE to view more about this ministry.  You probably have a similar work in your town.  Find out and see what you can do to help in your city.

My post started out to share about Older Missionaries and their Needs.

There are stories of old time missionaries going forth without support from people, and simply depending on God to supply their needs.  God was faithful, but many suffered!

Today most missionaries take a year to raise monthly support by traveling to churches and requesting pledges to be sent to National Headquarters, or given through their church. 

Once on the field, there are times they return home for a furlough which is in effect work to travel and raise more monthly funds as some contributors have dropped off in their giving for various reasons.

I am thinking back to one of the first pledges we gave to an elderly missionary.  Her husband had died, but she decided to go back to Mexico to live and minister.  Armed with tracts she would spend her days passing out Gospel Literature.  Evenings she would hold a Bible study in her small home for those she had contacted during the day.

The year was 1960 and the small church near me sent her what they could in support.  When I taught Release Time Education using their church, I learned about this widowed missionary.  As she grew older so did her supporters, many of which had passed away. 

The Pastors wife asked me if I could pick up 3 or 4 dollars to replace some of these givers.  I pledged 7 dollars to begin with; later increased to $10, then to $25 and eventually as she aged and lost contributors, we gave even more.

Even though confined to a care home, she still ministered to the residents and to those who visited her.  When she passed away we transferred our giving to another missionary who was also growing older.

About 20 years ago we found it crucial to discontinue our Missionary giving with a letter to each of our missionaries regretting that we could no longer send monthly support. 

Then I went to work, and realized that in addition to our tithes, we could once again pick up the support we had found it necessary to discontinue for a time. 

When I retired, with a small pension and also a golden handshake; we could continue to support our missionaries who by the way are all getting older.  They not only are continuing to minister but are reaching out into new fields for Jesus.
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Dr Martha J. Wright – Child Evangelism for 35 years - - CEF’s Goal is to reach cities for Jesus by saving the Children.  Martha is currently Executive Director CEF of Maryland.   Martha requests new supporters, she doesn’t like to ask, but how else will the people know she needs help.  Check her out on Facebook.  View Activities of Child Evangelism HERE.

Dr Ron Lamb – reaching out to train Christian dentists in Africa.  He also supplies Missionaries with dental equipment for mission trips.  Also provides supplies to disaster areas.  American Dental Association says this about his ministry:  CLICK HERE

Dick Joyce Missionary Evangelist – Click HERE to see what his home church says.   He has a donate button on his site!

Kitty Hamilton Anointed Missionary Evangelist to many nations:

Ron and Annette Thiesen 30 years missionaries to Peru, are now in Honduras taking over a Childrens home with 50 children – many of the children still need sponsors.

Click HERE to view some of what they do for the Lord.  They continue to minister in Peru and are active in training leaders to minister.

Rocky and Joske Malloy Bolivia - Mission Generation – bringing Jesus into the Class Room.  Click HERE to view their newsletter.   As a contractor with the Government. Mission Generation has been given full liberty in the Bolivia public school system to preach and teach the Gospel through textbooks, school conferences, teacher accreditation and parent training. Mission Generation textbooks are Jesus-centered and Biblically-based. Every textbook includes the prayer and plan of salvation on the last page.  Other nations are requesting their textbooks.

Samaritans Purse – a trustworthy organization who has varied local and international relief projects.  Click HERE for more on this ministry.

Not monthly, but gifts as acquired go to one of our local churches who feed their neighbors on certain days of the week. 

Then there is our New Hope Center who gives out food and clothing to those in need.  They also accept gifts of groceries, household supplies, and clothing as it comes our way.

I realize that each one of us have favorite projects and works that we give to either annually or perhaps monthly.  B
Be led of the Holy Spirit on how much and where to give.  Not everyone who asks for help – is worthy.   Research, and pray before you sign up for a monthly pledge. 

Then as you are directed, act upon those desires to be a blessing to others.

P.S.  If you are a google blogger - check out your audience.  You may be surprized at how many countries are viewing your posts, but they never comment.



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